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Survivor Edge of Extinction Simulator Released & Saving for S33-S38

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A simulator has been released for Survivor 38: Edge of Extinction, along with saving for seasons 33-38. The original plan was to complete the Survivor Custom Template first and then release these seasons using the new features. This plan was adjusted because of how long it’s taken to complete the Survivor Template and the lack of other updates in May.

Once the Survivor Custom Template is released, new seasons for 33-38 will replace the current ‘test’ seasons. Therefore the ‘saved’ simulations for these seasons are temporary and will be removed with a one month notice after the Custom Template is released. The main weakness in these seasons (including the new 38) is the lack of secret advantage functionality. Standard idols do work, however. Please leave any feedback here and report any bugs you see with this season. Thank you.

Also thank you to Edwyth and Eric for testing the season and Commentarian for contributing feedback on its direction.

Expect to see more simulator updates throughout June, including further development with the updated Hunger Games Simulator. Other top results from the recent surveys will enter new stages of planning and development. There may be a cast photo update.


Paint Drying Simulator Released

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An exciting new simulator has been released – the Paint Drying Simulator! Similar to recent releases, this will run as a 2-50 color template. For users who prefer longer simulations, an “Ultra-Slow” drying speed has been added. Please simulate through both of these speeds, observing any differences, and leave feedback here.

If no major bugs are found, saving will be added in about 24 hours.

Serious Update: Happy April Fools 2019. This simulator will remain, and saving has been added. Make sure to use the updated URL, as the original will be removed in 24 hours.

Congratulations to the users who found the secret Danganronpa and RuPaul’s Drag Race simulators hidden in the summary pages of the different drying speeds. These two simulators were planned by Brandon and programmed last-minute over the weekend. They’re considered ‘simple’ simulators without any logic, but are solid starting points for the two most requested simulators.

Thanks to Commentarian for coming up with the idea of a Paint Drying Simulator and Flyhngon for information on the Danganronpa cast photos.


Big Brother Interactive Template Update

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The Big Brother Interactive Template now supports 5-50 players and contains a voting chart. It has been converted to a more efficient structure and brought over to with the intention of adding Saving later this week once any lingering bugs are fixed.

The main goal of this conversion was to improve the structure rather than add new features, and a larger Big Brother template with Custom twists could come in the future if enough users would like one. A few new display options were added including the ability to shuffle and sort memory wall and split it between remaining and evicted houseguests. An interactive option to quit was added, and you can now see speeches in interactive simulations.

You can use the simulator here.

Any feedback would be appreciated. This has been developed over several months. Thanks to Brandon, Commentarian, Edwyth, and Eric for all testing the simulator and finding bugs before its official release. This is a very complex simulator, so more bugs are possible, and any reports would be appreciated.

Update: Bug fixes, small feature additions, and logic changes were made to finalize the Big Brother Interactive Template. Thank you for all your feedback, and keep leaving it! There could be more BB template updates this summer. For now, it’s back to Survivor and The Hunger Games.

Saving was finally added to the Big Brother Interactive Template.


Dog Eat Dog Simulator is now a Template

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An option to adjust the size of the cast from anywhere between 2 and 50 players has been added to the Dog Eat Dog Simulator. All existing simulations can still be loaded.

Changes may be coming for the voting chart due to all of the different targets each round, which extend the width of the chart.

This functionality had been coded in from the beginning. It just needed activated. The Big Brother interactive template with support for 5-50 players should be released by next weekend at the latest, and the Survivor Custom Template and updated Hunger Games Simulator are still in development.


Celebrity Big Brother 2 Simulator Released

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The simulator for Celebrity Big Brother 2 US has been released on the day of its finale. This simulator contains the audience decisions from the season and a voting chart. It is is intended to be a complete release, and saving will be added by the weekend as long as no major bugs are found.

You can use the simulator here.

Any feedback would be appreciated. This was a quick development, so bugs are possible. Thanks to @TheeEric on Twitter for testing this season on short notice and reporting numerous bugs, relating to this simulator and others.

Update: A Twist Options menu has been added to the week page, so you can choose to set up the season based on your interpretation of these twists.

Update 2: Saving has been added.


Survivor Custom Template: Preview #1

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A custom template is coming for the Survivor Simulator that will allow users to have more control over the setup of the seasons.

After considering options, this should be the most efficient method to complete seasons 33 through 37 and regularly upgrade the older seasons with the newest features without having to maintain over 37 different season templates. You will still be able to select the individual seasons, but they will run through the custom template with pre-configured settings for each season. These settings will be adjustable, so for example, you can add more idols or eliminate them depending on your preference or change a final three to a final two.

Seasons 33-37 were designed on a newer system most similar to the custom template, so it will easier to translate their twists to the custom template. The goal is for it to eventually have the twists from the other seasons such as redemption island.

The first piece is a preview of what the cast selection will look like, with up to 100 players and tribes. Feel free to use it to create your own casts, but please keep in mind you can’t actually simulate the seasons yet. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Survivor Custom Template Preview #1 (keep reading for screen shots)

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Totem Pole Full Logic Update

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With episode 3 of The Totem Pole being released on YouTube, full logic has been added to the Totem Pole Simulator, including relationship and strategic ability. These two attributes, along with challenge skills and loyalty, will impact all of the decision making throughout the simulator. If you see any bugs caused by the logic or don’t feel like it is properly balanced, please report it in comments.

A page for other statistics has also been added.

Watch episode 1 here.

Watch episode 2 here.

Watch episode 3 here.

Watch episode 4 here.

Watch episode 5 here.

Stay tuned for an additional update with Episode 4 next Friday at 9:00 PM eastern time. A Survivor simulator update will be posted over the weekend.

Update: With episode 4 now out, a voting chart has been added to the Totem Pole Simulator. This is the most complex voting chart yet with revotes and returning players included.

Update 2: Episode 5 brings an update to the simulator to more accurately reflect the show with Save Limits, Power Limits, and the elimination of duplicate twists per season.


Circle Simulator is now a Template

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An option to adjust the size of the cast from anywhere between 2 and 50 players has been added to the Circle Simulator. The Relationships and Sympathy attributes have been combined under Sympathy. All existing simulations can still be loaded.

This functionality had been coded in from the beginning. It just needed activated, and now serves as a good time to test a template with the Big Brother Advanced Template coming to (with saving and voting charts) and a Survivor Template coming in the near future. The Survivor template’s eventual goal is to contain customization options that should be able to produce seasons 33 – 37 and eventually all of the seasons. These 5 seasons will be loaded from the template with pre-configured settings for each season.

By reducing the size of the cast, you can advance to the end of the simulation quicker.

The Totem Pole Simulator Released

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The Totem Pole Simulator has been released on You can simulate the season here.

This is based on a new YouTube reality show by @wesleydbryant. The premise of the show is the following: 13 players compete to avoid the bottom of #TheTotemPole and try to survive the vote until only 1 player remains. You can watch the first episode here to learn more about the format. You can also follow the series on Twitter at @TotemPoleGame

The full cast and logo are also now available to use throughout all of the other simulators. The Totem Pole Simulator is currently a simple simulator in terms of logic, but it contains different twists to create a variety of scenarios simulating. If no major bugs are reported, saving will be added in 48 hours. Please provide your feedback on this simulator and report any bugs in the comments.

1/27 Update: Saving has been added.

2/1 Update: Episode 2 is out here! With this update comes challenge logic to the simulator and the new profiles page. Stay tuned for an additional update with Episode 3 next Friday at 9:00 PM eastern time.


Survivor 33-37 Updates, Part 1

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A new display for past tribes has been added, along with the ability to change alliances and relationships weekly. These features are available on the five Survivor simulators.

The next Survivor update will contain logic improvements and more display changes, along with a new secret advantage system. This update may be broken into multiple parts.

The internal structure was changed behind all 5 of these seasons, so there’s a high likelihood for bugs, especially for Ghost Island and David vs. Goliath. Please list any you see, and I’ll list the ones that are fixed below. Thank you.

You might have to close and restart your browser to see some of the CSS could be cached and needs refreshed. 

  • Bugs Fixed:
  • S34 & S36: Exiled players return to the correct tribe in the event of a medevac.
  • S35: Merge targeting threats, not weak players.
  • S36: Ghost Island explained in merge episode.
  • Fixed legacy advantage gifting text showing up in seasons with data from the previous simulation
  • Fixed issues with cast data for Angelina Keeley, Kyle Massey, and Jeremy McConnell
  • S33-S37: Wrong cast members displayed in the final three while using Weekly Changing Relationships.
  • S33-S37: Fixing the above bug caused an issue with fan favorite, which was fixed without causing any additional bugs.
  • S33-S37: Fixed issues with targets only displaying on the active episode you are simulating, for weekly changing relationships.
  • S34: Only one tribe should be shown winning immunity in episode 4.
  • S34: Episode 8 now shows individual, rather then tribal immunity.
  • S33-S37: Tribal rewards after swaps were showing the past tribes winning.
  • Palau: Name of merge tribe appearing as <> resolved.
  • S36: Navigation links fixed in episode 10.
  • More special characters are now allowed in season names, tribe names, and player names/nicknames in all of the simulators.
  • Original Survivor: Tribe names should no longer turn to lowercase in edit cast.
  • Micronesia, Tocantins, Cagayan: Rare winner display bug showing false tie fixed.
  • Survivor Fiji: Fixed finale episode navigation.
  • Survivor Panama: Fixed the finale reward challenge.
  • Worlds Apart: So’s nickname fixed
  • Samoa: Reward Challenge 10 added to Navigation Links
  • Nicaragua and One World: Final events page just showed the text “1”

Keep reading for more details about the latest Survivor changes.

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