Big Brother Canada 8 Cast Photos Added

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Cast photos have been added for the 8th season of Big Brother Canada, featuring 16 new houseguests. This season is set to premiere on March 4th. These cast photos are available to use on all of the BrantSteele.com simulators.

Please report any errors you see with these photos.


Survivor 40 Winners at War Prediction Game: Episode 2 Results

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Note: Based on episode 2, additional changes were made to the format to help cover all of the scenarios that played out in the episode. Thanks to Brandon for helping clarify the points format.

All secret advantages that can directly influence a tribal council, not just idols, are now awarded 5 points. If an advantage needs to be split between multiple players, each additional player receives an equal portion of the points. This means decimal points are now possible. If there is a primary player who obtains an advantage, they will receive full points for that advantage, even if they need to split it later.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Survivor 40 Winners at War Prediction Game: Episode 1 Results

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Note: This contains spoilers from the first episode. You can keep reading to see the detailed results. This uses the format of Survivor Game Changers with a few small changes. If you see any issues with scoring, please report them. Thank you.

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Survivor Winners at War Prediction Game Details

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Last May, a total of 1,000 users signed up for the BrantSteele Survivor 40: Winners at War Prediction Game.

The premiere of the season is almost here. One lucky prize winner (or more if there is a tie) will win a simple simulator of their choice from a list of 47 shows in a Previous Survey. If the winner can’t be contacted, next in line will get the prize.

Choices were supposed to be unique, but there was a technical error for a brief time period where some users were able to submit the same selections that others had already chosen.

The Point Structure is currently the same as the prediction game for Survivor Game Changers except for the addition of the Edge of Extinction twist. After the premiere episode, any additional twists will be evaluated to see if they can be incorporated into the point structure. Then the point structure will be finalized.

Please post a comment if you have any thoughts or suggestions.


Cast Photo Catch Up

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Australian Survivor All-Stars, RuPaul’s Drag Race 12, Big Brother Brasil 20, Dancing With the Stars 28, American Idol 17, MasterChef 10, and The Amazing Race Canada 7 are among the season of shows that have been added to all of the simulators.

Thanks to AEllis95, Brandon, and Mira for helping with these cast photos among the many other users who reported that these seasons needed updated. Please report if you see any issues. There are new shows of cast photos planned for later this year for the newer BrantSteele.com cast photos, with many of the photos already edited. A few structural changes will be made first with Edit Cast and Random Cast before it will be ready to handle the new shows.

You can see a list of the shows here that we currently support: Cast Photo Overview. Some of the most recent shows may still need added.


Survivor Winners at War Cast Added

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That cast photos released today for Survivor: Winners at War have been added to all of the simulators. There will be two more sets of cast photos for this season added shortly, probably by the end of the day.

You can view the casts and the tribes on the following link: https://brantsteele.com/survivor/40/

This season will premiere February 12th on CBS.


Christmas Update – Australian Survivor 2016

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A simulator for Australian Survivor 2016 has been released!

This is not the Custom Template, but it’s a season to help fill the gap until that is ready. You may be wondering, why was Australian Survivor 2016 made instead of Survivor 39: Island of the Idols?

Both seasons were started at the same time, and I decided to complete Australian Survivor 2016 because it was less time-consuming to incorporate most of the twists. Survivor 39 would resemble Ghost Island with many secret advantages that were missing from the simulator because they would take too long to program. Australian Survivor 2016 gives users a new cast size option and some twists that are missing from Survivor 33-38.

Thanks to Brandon for testing this season for bugs and running a live simulation in the Discord server to make sure it worked correctly.

Please leave comments if you see any issues.


The Totem Pole Interactive Template Released

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The interactive simulator for The Totem Pole has been released! You can play the game now here!

Watch Season 1

Watch Season 2

Play The Game Video

Thanks very much to Brandon, Edwyth, and Commentarian for testing the season thoroughly to help prevent errors at release.

Please leave feedback and report bugs. Thank you.

Update: Watch The Creator Play The Game!


Sequester Access Cast Photos Added

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The cast photos and logo for seasons 1 and 2 of Sequester Access have been added to all of the simulators. Sequester Access is a strategy based gameshow produced by Audrey Middleton that invites 20 strangers to compete for a cash prize. These cast photos include reality stars from Big Brother US, Big Brother Canada, and The Amazing Race.

Season 3 will premiere November 3rd, 2019 at 8 PM EST.

You can watch the season or catch-up on season 2 at @SequesterAccess on YouTube and follow along on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Update: The cast for the upcoming season 3 of Sequester Access has now been added too.


Big Brother 21 Simulator Released

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The Big Brother 21 simulator has been released. This contains all of the twists in the season including:

– Banishment Competition
– Whacktivity Competitions
– Nightmare, Chaos, and Panic Powers
– Camp Comeback
– America’s Field Trip
– America’s Prankster

This uses the same system that Big Brother Canada 5, Over the Top, and Celebrity 1 and 2 US use. Some of the new settings such as “Display Options” are not yet available for these seasons.

Thanks to Brandon, Commentarian, and Edwyth for testing this simulator and providing valuable feedback. Saving should be added around the weekend, if no major bugs are found. Please report any issues that you see.

Twitter: brantsteele


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