Survivor Winners at War Cast Added

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That cast photos released today for Survivor: Winners at War have been added to all of the simulators. There will be two more sets of cast photos for this season added shortly, probably by the end of the day.

You can view the casts and the tribes on the following link: https://brantsteele.com/survivor/40/

This season will premiere February 12th on CBS.


Christmas Update – Australian Survivor 2016

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A simulator for Australian Survivor 2016 has been released!

This is not the Custom Template, but it’s a season to help fill the gap until that is ready. You may be wondering, why was Australian Survivor 2016 made instead of Survivor 39: Island of the Idols?

Both seasons were started at the same time, and I decided to complete Australian Survivor 2016 because it was less time-consuming to incorporate most of the twists. Survivor 39 would resemble Ghost Island with many secret advantages that were missing from the simulator because they would take too long to program. Australian Survivor 2016 gives users a new cast size option and some twists that are missing from Survivor 33-38.

Thanks to Brandon for testing this season for bugs and running a live simulation in the Discord server to make sure it worked correctly.

Please leave comments if you see any issues.


The Totem Pole Interactive Template Released

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The interactive simulator for The Totem Pole has been released! You can play the game now here!

Watch Season 1

Watch Season 2

Play The Game Video

Thanks very much to Brandon, Edwyth, and Commentarian for testing the season thoroughly to help prevent errors at release.

Please leave feedback and report bugs. Thank you.

Update: Watch The Creator Play The Game!


Sequester Access Cast Photos Added

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The cast photos and logo for seasons 1 and 2 of Sequester Access have been added to all of the simulators. Sequester Access is a strategy based gameshow produced by Audrey Middleton that invites 20 strangers to compete for a cash prize. These cast photos include reality stars from Big Brother US, Big Brother Canada, and The Amazing Race.

Season 3 will premiere November 3rd, 2019 at 8 PM EST.

You can watch the season or catch-up on season 2 at @SequesterAccess on YouTube and follow along on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Update: The cast for the upcoming season 3 of Sequester Access has now been added too.


Big Brother 21 Simulator Released

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The Big Brother 21 simulator has been released. This contains all of the twists in the season including:

– Banishment Competition
– Whacktivity Competitions
– Nightmare, Chaos, and Panic Powers
– Camp Comeback
– America’s Field Trip
– America’s Prankster

This uses the same system that Big Brother Canada 5, Over the Top, and Celebrity 1 and 2 US use. Some of the new settings such as “Display Options” are not yet available for these seasons.

Thanks to Brandon, Commentarian, and Edwyth for testing this simulator and providing valuable feedback. Saving should be added around the weekend, if no major bugs are found. Please report any issues that you see.


The Totem Pole Season 2

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The Totem Pole season 2 simulator has been released with today’s premiere. This contains the new format, alliances, updated logic, and more display options.

Try it out today! As new episodes air, more features will be released including Interactive simulation: Totem Pole Season 2 Template

You can watch the Season 2 Premiere on YouTube.

This is intended to be a very logical simulator using some of the best features from the existing simulators, so please leave feedback if you see any issues or have any suggestions for improvement. Thank you.

Update: With Episode 2 of season 2 releasing today, you can now change the Relationships and Alliances each round as you progress through the simulation. Many bugs and logic improvements were also added:

– Displays number of cards chosen each round on the Defender page
– Saves cumulative attributes so that the individual threat targets are more consistent throughout a simulation
– Links the individual and alliance targets to the threats more regularly
– For decisions near the end of the game like the final placement, the algorithm will now emphasizes taking out threats
– Fixed a few logic clauses with Switch decisions that were making illogical swaps
– Added best social game, best strategic game, most loyal game, and best overall challenge performer to the jury speeches
– Added support for multiple alliance events per round
– An alliance can now change its target last minute and still all vote together, without negatively impacting the alliance in future rounds. This will be noted on the vote page.

Update: With Episode 3 of season 2 releasing today, a new vote display was added to more accurately reflect the one on the show this season.

Update: With Episode 4 of season 2 releasing today, a social skills attribute has been added to the simulator. This affects how relationships are built throughout a season.


Survivor Island of the Idols Cast Added

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Cast photos for the new castaways revealed today for Survivor: Island of the Idols have been added to all of the simulators.

The two returning players were also added with the ‘Unofficial’ attribute to differentiate them in Random Cast on the newest simulators. An alternate set of these photos may be added in the near future!

You can view the casts and the tribes on the following link: https://brantsteele.com/survivor/39/

In other news, the next simulator will be The Totem Pole: Season 2 and will debut with the season 2 premiere on September 15th. You can watch the trailer here. This will contain the updated format along with more advanced features that will be revealed as the episodes air.


Escape the Night & AYTO 8 Cast Photos Added

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Cast photos for Escape the Night have been added to all of the simulators. This includes seasons 1-3 and the upcoming season 4, which premieres July 11th on YouTube Premium. You can watch seasons 1-3 free for a limited time on YouTube.

The logo is also available to use. Are You The One season 8 cast photos have been added to the BrantSteele.com simulators. More cast photos and simulator updates will be announced shortly.

Any feedback on these cast photos would be appreciated. Thank you.


Big Brother 21 & Hell’s Kitchen 18 Casts

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Cast photos for the new houseguests revealed today for Big Brother 21 have been added to all of the simulators.

The Hell’s Kitchen season 18 cast was also added, thanks to Mira. Some of the Danganronpa nicknames were adjusted as well.

Please report any issues that you see with these updates.


Survivor Edge of Extinction Simulator Released & Saving for S33-S38

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A simulator has been released for Survivor 38: Edge of Extinction, along with saving for seasons 33-38. The original plan was to complete the Survivor Custom Template first and then release these seasons using the new features. This plan was adjusted because of how long it’s taken to complete the Survivor Template and the lack of other updates in May.

Once the Survivor Custom Template is released, new seasons for 33-38 will replace the current ‘test’ seasons. Therefore the ‘saved’ simulations for these seasons are temporary and will be removed with a one month notice after the Custom Template is released. The main weakness in these seasons (including the new 38) is the lack of secret advantage functionality. Standard idols do work, however. Please leave any feedback here and report any bugs you see with this season. Thank you.

Also thank you to Edwyth and Eric for testing the season and Commentarian for contributing feedback on its direction.

Expect to see more simulator updates throughout June, including further development with the updated Hunger Games Simulator. Other top results from the recent surveys will enter new stages of planning and development. There may be a cast photo update.

Twitter: brantsteele


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