Survivor Redemption Island and South Pacific Upgraded

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For New Year 2022, the next two Survivor seasons have been upgraded on BrantSteele.com. Thanks to bwburke94 for helping to plan the seasons and to Brandon, Dimi, and Jacob for testing the seasons prior to their release.

Both seasons are more advanced than their original BrantSteele.net counterparts and better showcase the unique aspects of the seasons.

Survivor 22: Redemption Island
Survivor 23: South Pacific

Keep reading for more details.

Both seasons are swap-less and feature Redemption Island duels where one player returns right before the merge, and another player returns once the final four is first reached. The merge idol is hidden and re-hidden with no idols remain in play. There is a post merge double tribal council episode (Episode 10 in South Pacific and and Episode 11 in Redemption Island). Final Tribal Council occurs with 3 finalists and 9 jurors.

When a player is voted out, the simulation is currently set to remove any secret advantages they have. Medevacs and quits are also enabled, but the exact way they’re being handled could be adjusted later.

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  • Chuckietheduckie [Guest] January 2, 2022 at 12:21 am

    Brant & co, the end of my year has been awful. All of these new seasons are making my 2022 so much better already! Thank you for all the hard work, it is greatly appreciated.

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