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The next Survivor season has been upgraded on BrantSteele.com.

Thanks to bwburke94 and Jacob for helping to plan the season and to Azure, Brandon, and Hazmann for testing the season prior to its release.

The twist of this season is that the two starting tribes will live together on one beach for the first four episodes. Therefore, there are just single event pages rather than two, and both idols can be found by anyone either tribe. However, the idols do have to be passed to a player on the appropriate tribe.

The season reverts to normal following a balanced tribe swap (using the same logic from Caramoan) in episode 5. At this point, tribal idols are hidden and rehidden normally as well. The merge occurs during episode 7, and its idol is both hidden and rehidden only if no other idols remain in the game. Final Tribal Council occurs with three finalists and 9 jurors.

Survivor 24: One World

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  • Andrew [Guest] April 19, 2022 at 12:46 am

    For the idol count at the end, it shouldn’t list the person the idol was given to. It makes more sense to just list who found them. Maybe you can have their name next to the person who gave it to them or also under the idol count but in italics?

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