Survivor Kaoh Rong & Cambodia Upgraded

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For Christmas 2021, two of the most complex seasons of Survivor were updated. Thanks to bwburke for helping to plan the seasons and to Brandon, Dimi, and Jacob for testing the seasons prior to their release.

Both seasons are more advanced than their original counterparts and better showcase the unique aspects of the seasons.

Survivor 31: Cambodia
Survivor 32: Kaoh Rong

Keep reading for more details.

Survivor Cambodia simulator features two tribes consisting of ten players each. It contains an optional fan vote to select the twenty player cast from two pools of sixteen players at the start of the simulation. To activate this mode, select Switch to Fan Vote on the Episode 1 page.

In the 3rd episode, a tribe change forms with the addition of a third tribe. There’s another tribe change in episode 7 with the return to two tribes. In terms of secret advantages, a Vote Steal can be earned in the 10th episode’s immunity challenge.

The pre-merge Hidden Immunity Idols are found in challenges and only available if a player has found an idol clue prior. The merge Hidden Immunity Idol is hidden once only one idol remains in the game. Once it’s found, a second merge Hidden Immunity Idol is available. Both of these cannot be hidden at the same time. These idols expire at the final five Tribal Council.

Survivor Kaoh Rong simulator features three tribes consisting of six players each. In the episode 6 tribe swap, the tribe with the least number of players is dissolved, and all players will be divided between the two remaining tribes. However, one player is not selected for a tribe and is sent to Exile where they have an opportunity to earn that tribe’s Hidden Immunity Idol. All idols expire at the final five Tribal Council.

Another big difference for this season is that two standard Hidden Immunity Idols can be combined to form a Super Idol that can be played after the votes are read. It also contains an Extra Vote hidden at the episode 11 Reward Challenge and a Final Three jury removal.

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  • Spencer [Guest] December 26, 2021 at 7:37 pm

    If the fan vote option is selected, we should have the ability to choose, similar to Big Brother 7

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