Survivor Blood vs. Water and San Juan del Sur Upgraded

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The final two Survivor seasons have been upgraded on Thanks to bwburke94 for helping to plan the seasons and to Azure, Brandon, Hydro, and Jacob for testing the seasons prior to their release.

These seasons feature the blood vs. water twist where pairs of loved ones compete with only player claiming the title of sole survivor. There are 10 pairs in Blood vs. Water for a total of 20 players and 9 pairs in San Juan del Sur for a total of 18 players. Both seasons feature a final three with eight jurors.

Blood vs. Water features the return of Redemption Island and an option for a loved one to switch with their partner on Redemption Island each episode. Duels will take place at Redemption Island where the winners receive a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol that can be given to anyone in the game or kept for themselves in the returning rounds. Two idols are hidden at the original tribe camps. A merge idol is hidden if less than two idols are in the game, and rehidden if there are no idols are in the game. The idols are in play until final five.

San Juan del Sur features the return of Exile Island and reward challenges consisting of duels between loved ones. The loser is sent to Exile Island along with a tribe mate of the winner’s choice. One of the players at Exile Island gets a clue to the idol while the other gets nothing. Pre-merge, each original tribe has an idol. Post-merge, the only idol is hidden at Exile Island. This is in play until final five.

Survivor 27: Blood vs. Water
Survivor 29: San Juan del Sur

Thank you to everyone who has been testing and reporting bugs. I’m also gathering feedback in this Google Doc. The next two planned releases for Survivor will be season 40, Winners at War, and Australian Survivor All-Stars (2020).

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