Survivor 36 Test Version Released

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A test version has been released of the Survivor 36: Ghost Island simulator. This season shares most of its code with Survivor seasons 33, 34, 35, and 37. Due to the more complex structure of this season, there may be more bugs, which I’ll address as soon as they’re reported.

The Ghost Island exile twist is incorporated into the season, and castaways can wager their vote and potentially lose it inside the simulator. However not all of the secret advantages are fully implemented at the present time. They will be added in one of the two remaining large Survivor updates before the .com structure is finalized. More news on these updates could be posted in a few days.

There were tribal council issues with all 5 of these seasons where players that should have been immune were vulnerable after idols and special advantages cancelled all of the votes. A fix was incorporated to handle this. As the secret advantages get incorporated, more changes will be needed to handle new scenarios.

Please report any issues. I’ll list the bugs fixed here, for both the original 32 seasons and the new seasons 33-37. Thank you. Edit: Comments are now enabled in this post.

Bugs Fixed:

– Cook Islands: Reward text fixed in episode 6

– S35: Tribe names for reward challenges have been corrected

– S36: Episode 2 immunity winning tribe display fixed
– S36: Changed nickname to Gonzalez for Stephanie Gonzalez
– S36: Second tribe swap is no longer alphabetical order
– S36: Fixed newly formed alliance names in episode 10
– S36: Fixed Shuffle tribes.
– S36: Fixed the events to correspond to the appropriate tribe in episode 10
– S36: Fixed an incorrect tribe’s idol potentially being found episode 2
– S36: Fixed the tribe outline for the second tribe after swaps

– S37: Fixed newly formed alliance names in episode 5 through the end of the season
– S37: Fixed the tribe outline for the second tribe after swaps


Survivor Bug Fixes for Original Seasons

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Opening immunity idols were fixed in Micronesia and Gabon along with male and female immunity winners in several other seasons including All-Stars, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Philippines, Samoa, and Worlds Apart. Voted out castaways and castaways of the wrong gender could win immunity during these challenges previously. Thanks to the many users who have been reporting these Survivor bugs for the older seasons, and please let me know if I missed any.

In order to make the BrantSteele.net simulators easier to update, I made a few adjustments to the server. If you see any new issues on the .net Big Brother, Survivor, or Hunger Games simulators it may be a result of these changes, and I’ll address them as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your continued feedback.


  • Another error was fixed in the Survivor Pearl Islands simulator where the immunity winner at the merge tribal council may not have actually had immunity.
  • An error was fixed with Survivor Worlds Apart where the merge idol could be found by multiple players.
  • Episode 10 of Survivor Micronesia wasn’t showing who had idols and whether or not they played them.


BrantSteele Renewed for 2019

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The BrantSteele simulators will return in 2019, as the two servers and domains have both been renewed. In the second half of the year, I will be exploring alternate means of funding to help generate more updates.

Entering January, the focus will remain on getting the Survivor simulators for seasons 33 – 37 caught up to original 32 seasons and to improve them beyond that with features such as voting charts. The Ghost Island template is almost completed in test form. Following that release will be two large updates for Survivor including weekly changing relationships and the new secret advantage system in addition to small improvements each update.

Once these changes are completed, the focus will shift to the interactive Survivor template along with other simulators besides Survivor. Some surprises are planned throughout the year, and there will be polls to make sure that plans for the simulators align with what users would most like to see.

Thank you to everyone who continues to use and support the simulators, even through the slow times like the past two years. User feedback submitted through the Contact Form and social media, especially the Discord server, has been very helpful. The community staff and I will continue to try and improve the experience.


Survivor 35 Test Version Released

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A test version has been released of the Survivor 35: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers simulator. There was just limited testing, so some small bugs are to be expected.

This season shares most of its code with Survivor seasons 33, 34, and 37. A “Shuffle Tribes” option has been added to all four of those seasons.

Idols and special advantage items are not complete in any of these seasons. After Game Changers is released, a new special item structure will be added to better handle these, and the voting algorithm will be updated based on this change.

Please report any issues. I’ll list the bugs fixed here. Thank you.

Bugs Fixed
– Some of the tribal rewards in S33, S34, and S37 displayed duplicate winners.
– Exiled castaway in S34 joins correct tribe if there’s a quit or medevac.
– Incorrect tribe names displayed with immunity winning tribes pre-merge
– Episode 12 reward winner not shown.
– 12th and 13th place incorrectly listed as jurors on the placement page.


Survivor 37 Test Version Released

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A test version has been released of the Survivor 37: David vs. Goliath simulator. It’s early in the day, and I’ll be monitoring comments here and on social media to address the bugs. There was just limited testing, so some small bugs are to be expected.

This season is based on the Survivor 33 and Survivor 34 simulators. All three of these seasons now include more display customization options based on user feedback. Depending on your preference, they can more closely resemble the original .net seasons. The Events/Status Pages, Relationship Highlights, Status Page Buttons, Reasoning and Targets, and Relationship Highlights are optional and can be turned on and off with many default options set to false.

New features also include:
– The final four format
– New tiebreaker for winners (also added to S33 and S34)

The finale’s format is assumed but can be adjusted if the actual finale differs.

The hidden advantages are the weakest part of this season and need more work. Overall, this is about 30% closer to the final state I’m aiming for the .com Survivor seasons. There may be lingering bugs from existing seasons with the voting algorithm. The plan is to address these bugs, add the final improvements, and enable “Change Settings Each Episode” before adding saving. With the year coming to an end, it’s my goal to make these updates more regularly and move on to other simulators besides Survivor 33-37 in 2019. There are known bugs, mainly with initial immunity and multiple immunity winners by gender, in the .net seasons that will be addressed as well.

Please report any issues. I’ll list the bugs fixed here. Thank you.

Bugs Fixed
– Immunity text implying a group tribal council in episode 4 removed.
– Exiled castaway joins correct tribe if there’s a quit or medevac.
– Game Changers’ automatic rocks tiebreaker added back.


Bug Fixes, including Big Brother Template

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A few bugs were fixed with the Big Brother interactive template that have been reported for years. At the end of the season in interactive style, simulator users were unable to go back and see who voted for who if their houseguest reached the final two. This is now possible after viewing the Winner page during the finale. Similarly these can be viewed either after seeing your eviction if you’re not on the jury, or at the end of the season if you are on jury.

Another glitch was fixed where the simulator treated “change relationships each week” as an interactive simulation and limited display of alliances and votes. Finally, a more recent bug where custom events only worked in rare scenarios was fixed. Beyond these bug fixes, there’s still a plan to add the Big Brother Template to the .com server and add saving and voting charts in the future.

Thanks to the users who reported these bugs and helped provide details and instructions to replicate them over email, social media, and the Discord server.

Other bugs fixed:
– When clicking the BB20 logo in Seasons, the link followed to BB19.
– Random cast in Celebrity Big Brother contained duplicate houseguests 50% of the time when ‘all male’ or ‘all female’ options were selected.
– When the final person left with a gift bag won HoH in Celebrity Big Brother, the week did not progress correctly.
– Automatic black & white function on the .net Big Brother and .net Survivor simulators didn’t work in some browsers.
– Added Katrina Kozar from MasterChef season 6, who had been skipped before.
– Added two new houseguests from BBUK season 19.

Update: Another scenario was found where the votes and alliances were still not available at the end of the season. This has been corrected now.


Cast Photo Update Part 2

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Cast photos have been added for American Idol (16), Dancing with the Stars (26 & 27), and Masterchef (9). A few issues with existing cast photos were resolved including full names showing up as nicknames and spaces at the ends of nicknames.

All of the shows with cast photos available on the simulators are listed in the Cast Photo Overview. Please use the Contact Form or reply in the comments if you have any issues with the current photos or see anything in the Cast Photo Overview that needs updated. Thank you.

Coming up next are some bug fixes throughout the simulators along with the finalization and completion of Survivor seasons 33-36. More details will be posted soon.


Cast Photo Update

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Cast photos have been added for Are You The One (7), Big Brother UK (19), Celebrity Big Brother UK (22), and The Amazing Race Canada (6) to all of the simulators. Please report if you see any issues.

There will be another cast photo update next weekend with 4 more seasons of current shows. Along with next weekend’s cast photos will be an announcement for what the next simulator will be.


Celebrity Big Brother US Simulator Released

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The Celebrity Big Brother US simulator has been released. Thanks to Brandon for planning the season and he and TheNman1 for helping to test it. Any feedback that you leave on the season or bug reports would be appreciated. If no major bugs are found, saving will be added this weekend.

Expect the first of two cast photo updates this weekend as well and more simulator updates before the end of the year. It’s being discussed what simulators are coming next, and that will be announced once plans are decided.

Also, feel free to join the new Discord channel.

Weekend Update: Thanks for all of your feedback. Saving has been added to finalize this season.


Survivor David vs. Goliath Cast Added

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Cast photos for the new castaways revealed today for Survivor: David vs. Goliath have been added to all of the simulators.

A few contestants had multiple photos, and the alternate versions were added as well.

Additionally, a cast page was added to see them all together. Please report any issues in the comments or the Contact Form. Thank you.

Twitter: brantsteele


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