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Cast Photo Overview: March

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– The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (season 7)
– Hell’s Kitchen (season 16)
– Are You The One (season 5)
– Dancing With The Stars (season 24)

– Put The Ridonculous Race under Total Drama alphabetically
– Corrected the genders for Tim Urban, Ed Cherry, and Chaka Khan

Under Consideration:
– Adding Melissa from ABC’s Glass House
– Updating the TAR 28 photos here
– Adding Ink Master cast photos here
– Adding the Survivor 33 cast photos here
– Adding cast photos for season 2 of Make Me A Supermodel (sent over email)
– Adding alternate versions of cast photos for ANTM 23 (sent over email)
– Adding cast photos for Celebrity Apprentice 8 (need photos)
– Adding Bad Girls Club (need photos)
– Adding cast photos for Charm School (sent over email)
– Adding cast photos for The Voice (sent over email)
– Adding alternate versions of cast photos for The Challenge Invasion (sent over email)

A list of all the shows containing cast photos can be found in the spreadsheet linked below.

Cast Photo Overview

This blog post will remain open for the month of March and is meant for cast photo discussion only.


BrantSteele Survivor Simulator Survey

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Throughout the remainder of 2017, the current BrantSteele Survivor simulators will be moved from to This will help to resolve the current bugs and provide more detail and accuracy for these seasons. Once there, these seasons will use the current template and settings that Survivor 33 (Millennials vs. Gen X simulator) uses. This survey is your chance to provide feedback on what you like and don’t like about the Survivor 33 simulator before more Survivor seasons use that structure.

Additionally, an Advanced Template for Survivor is coming that will be similar to the Big Brother Advanced/Future Template. This bottom of the survey is to collect information on what you want to see included.

Take the survey here. Feel free to discuss it in the comments. All feedback will be considered. Thank you.


S34 Prediction Game Premiere Results

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Each hour of the premiere is listed as its own episode.

Summary Includes top Castaways/Players and popularity of eliminated Castaways.

Weekly Point Breakdown Includes events throughout the episodes that awarded/deducted points from Castaways.

Castaway Point Overview Displays all points earned/lost throughout the game.

Player Point Overview Displays selected Castaways and their accumulated points for each player.

Use this blog post to discuss anything that happened during the Survivor Game Changers premiere and the Prediction Game! Please report any scoring errors you see. Since this is the first week on this slightly updated system, there may be unique errors.


Big Brother Canada 5 Cast Photos, Part 2

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Cast photos for the final eight houseguests of Big Brother Canada 5 were added as options to all and simulators. The rest of the requests for new cast photos are being evaluated to determine which ones will also be added in March.

The Prediction Game results for the Survivor Game Changers premiere will be posted later today. A survey for the Survivor Simulator will be posted tomorrow.


The Duel Simulator Released

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After several months, The Challenge: The Duel simulator has been completed. This is the first simulator where the challenges were designed with extra details and 100% logic, attempting to make it as close to the show as possible. It includes the 15 regular challenges, the 4 possible duels, and the final challenge. Please report any bugs you see or changes that you think could improve the season. All previous feedback was reviewed, and many adjustments were made.

Saving will be added in a few days, once there has been enough time to identify any additional concerns that need addressed.

I personally don’t think this much time should ever be spent designing a simulator again for a single season of a show, and I announced that development would stop for the rest of 2017 on the other seasons of The Challenge. Feel free to comment or take this survey if you have an opinion on that.

Friday Morning Update: Saving has been added, so this season is finalized.


Big Brother Canada 5 Cast Photos, Part 1

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Cast photos for the first eight houseguests of Big Brother Canada 5 were added as options to all and simulators. The remaining eight houseguests will be revealed tomorrow, and cast photos will be added after they’re revealed. There’s a good chance that cast photos from other shows will be added as well.

The latest (and likely the final) version of The Duel simulator will be uploaded later today for testing.


Saved Simulation Recovery: March

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For the month of March, I am willing to manually recover and/or restore up to 50 saved seasons that meet one of the following three criteria:
1. The season was removed by the BrantSteele auto-deletion function.
2. The season uses BrantSteele images that no longer work due to a different URL caused by a server change.
3. The season uses images hosted off-site that no longer display. If this is the case, be specific, and upload your replacement images to a hosting service like imgur so that they last longer and they’re not stealing bandwidth from other sites.

All but 1 of the requested seasons for February were recovered, and follow-up questions were asked to help pinpoint that one.

Keep reading for more details.

read more


Plans for March & Beyond

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As mentioned on Twitter, all of the challenges in The Duel simulator were completed last week. The simulator is currently undergoing final testing and will be sent to some volunteers for additional testing before it’s finalized and published. The final version is expected to be released this upcoming week. Because of the extensive time it took to complete this season, no additional seasons of The Challenge are expected in 2017. This will only change if a volunteer is found who is willing to thoroughly plan the seasons or if users agree that the rest of the seasons should be released without full challenges, which would reduce the programming time per season to about a week.

Now, the focus shifts to programming a simulator for Big Brother: Over The Top. This will be similar to the other Big Brother seasons and allow users to make the same audience decisions as they could in the show. The goal is to complete this simulator in about a week. A Big Brother Canada 5 simulator is planned for around the time the season finishes, and the March cast photo update will be posted after the BBCAN5 cast is officially revealed.

For future plans, the remaining Total Drama seasons are now in development and will be gradually completed over the upcoming months. Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour are both in the planning stage and will be released as soon as they are completed. This could be as early as this month but is not a guarantee. Updates on the status of these seasons will be regularly posted.

Survivor will have an Advanced Template similar to the Big Brother Future Template (which has been again renamed the Big Brother Advanced Template). This will replace the previously announced Merge Template and include greater customization. In addition, the new algorithm for Millennials vs. Gen X will continue to be improved and incorporated into the Advanced Template and eventually all existing seasons of Survivor. There will be a Survivor survey posted this upcoming week to see your opinions on the new changes in season 33 and what you want to see in the Advanced Template before it’s released.

There may be other surprises coming this month as well. Stay tuned.


Survivor 34 Prediction Game Update 2

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Thanks to the 647 users who signed up for the BrantSteele Survivor Game Changers Prediction Game.

This season’s competition will remain the traditional season long format. Unfortunately, the second competition (where you would have chosen different picks for each episode) will not be occurring. This is due to concerns that the traffic on the Blog & Prediction Game could interfere with the simulators. There was some downtime on Monday, and that needs to be avoided so that it doesn’t interfere with the new simulators planned for March. More details will be posted on those plans later today or tomorrow.

For the season long prediction game, a few users expressed confusion with the Point Structure, so I’m willing to make adjustments. Keep reading if you have any input. Also, I’ll be openly discussing one of this season’s twists that Jeff Probst recently revealed in an interview with Parade. Stop reading if you wish to avoid details about that twist.

Update at 7:45 PM EST on Wednesday, March 8th: Thanks to those of you who offered feedback. The point structure was officially changed for the new revote format and to simplify the Voted in Minority + Survived and Voted in Minority + Voted Out scenarios. Survivor Game Changers premiers tonight.


Hunger Games: Customization Added

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As you may have noticed over recent months, new options have been added to the Hunger Games Simulator to provide further customization for simulations.

These include an additional Very High Death Rate option, an option to decrease the Cornocupia and Feast Default Event Rate, and an option to disable Arena Events.

There is also a link under Options to a Custom Text page where you can change the default text on the simulator if you’re interested in a non-violent simulation of the Hunger Games, if you want to remove the Hunger Games terms and phrases that were previously attached to all simulations, or if you can think of your own creative theme.

There will be numerous blog posts later today and this week with updates on The Duel, Prediction Game, and upcoming simulators. It would be appreciated if you could save those comments for those posts and keep these related to the Hunger Games changes. Thank you.

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