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Server Maintenance Complete

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Server maintenance is complete on This took longer than expected, as a few issues came up with the Survivor simulator. Its code needed adjusted to be compatible with the latest version of PHP. Please report any issues you see, including performance problems, lack of functionality, or error messages. Thank you.

30 Early Wednesday Maintenance

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Server maintenance will be occurring on the server on Wednesday, January 31st between the hours of 12:01 AM EST and 4:00 AM EST.

There will be one restart required, involving approximately 5 to 10 minutes of downtime. Once it is complete, an update will be posted. Please report any issues you see after this time.

This same maintenance was completed on the server early Monday and is mainly meant to enhance performance and security. It’s important to get these updates out of the way before the upcoming seasons of Celebrity Big Brother and Survivor: Ghost Island in February.


BrantSteele Renewed for 2018

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I have renewed the and servers and domains for the upcoming year. Although I haven’t had much time to develop simulators in recent months, I would like the ones already made to still be accessible.

The simulator for Big Brother 19 is delayed, and the next planned simulator is Survivor 35. This season, and all future simulators, will be designed using the new .com structure. The .net structure can’t handle the complexity of twists in the latest seasons. Recently, a bug with Random Cast was fixed where specific choices for cast members were using photos from the incorrect seasons. A change in Edit Cast is coming where Text-Only Edit and Basic Edit will provide lists of logos for that show. Advanced Edit will allow logos from all shows. An estimate is not yet available, but I plan to work on this during my free time over the holidays.

Thank you to everyone for your patience waiting for new updates. I would like to remind you that the best way to contact me is through the Contact Form. I check this daily, and I added automated server jobs that run every minute to check for the most common server issues and perform the steps needed to fix them. The BrantSteele Subreddit and Twitter are not currently being maintained.


Coming Soon: Big Brother 19 Simulator

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The next content update will be the Big Brother 19 simulator.

Due to all the twists, this will take at least a few more days to finish. Details on its progress will be posted on social media, and a new blog post will be created for feedback when it’s released.


Blog Changes

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The blog’s database has been cleared to increase the overall performance of the server. New posts will now fall into one of three simple categories: Simulator Updates, Cast Photos, or Miscellaneous. The contact form and all bug reports forms have been replaced with forms from Google Forms to also improve server performance.

A new account system will be implemented for specific simulator-related functions. A new blog commenting system will be added for the next simulator update. All previously announced updates, including several simulators, are still in development. Thank you for continuing to follow updates.

Twitter: brantsteele


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