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Big Brother Canada 9 Cast Photos Added

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Cast photos for Big Brother Canada 9 have been added to the simulators. The season will premiere with a two-night premiere on March 3-4, 2021, on Global.


Survivor Vanuatu Upgraded & Bug Fixes

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The Survivor Vanuatu Update has been released.

Along with those bug fixes, the Vote Summary for Jury Vote is also now available on all newly simulated .com Survivor seasons. Thanks to everyone who contributed with detailed reports and save links!

Keep reading for the list of bugs that were corrected.

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Survivor Pearl Islands & All-Stars Upgraded

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The Survivor Pearl Islands Update and Survivor All-Stars Update have been released.

There were a few scenarios in Pearl Islands that never occurred in the show, so I’m interested in your feedback on how these are handled in the simulator. There is an Episode 2 twist in the simulator that was never shown in the episodes. An option has been added where you can disable it if you’d prefer.

Thanks to bwburke94 for providing specific details that went into the planning of this simulator and also Alyssa Edwards, Desy, and Drake, who volunteered to test at the last minute before release. A pause for the weekly Survivor updates may occur next week to make sure there’s enough time to incorporate some of the planned features, fix some lingering bugs, and make sure other plans are still developing as intended.

You can also use the Feedback Survey to provide your thoughts on how these early season upgrades are progressing. Thank you.


Survivor Amazon Upgraded & Other Bug Fixes

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The Survivor Amazon Update has been released with the option to sort each tribe by age.

A feature was added to the bottom of every Votes page called Vote Summary that lists the targets and who voted for each of them.

Bug fixes:
– Since November, the ‘final targets’ math has been partially broken, leading to more one-sided votes.
– There was an alphabetical dependency benefiting those at the start of the alphabet in alliance creation.
– Duplicate alliance formation was possible.
– Player could be involved in events after quitting.
– Tribe events were disabled when you had alliances set to ‘Only use the alliances I create’.

Keep reading to see the season specific bugs that were fixed.

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Survivor Season 1-32 Upgrades Starting

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Over the past three weeks, Survivor Borneo, Australia, Africa, Marquesas, and Thailand have been updated to newer versions. There are still 27 Survivor seasons hosted only on .net, and the goal is to upgrade a minimum of 1 per week. Moving the .net simulators to .com provides additional pronouns, an option for no-image simulation, and a better platform for more cast photos, features, and other updates in the future. Survivor Amazon will be released next Sunday, January 24th.

Survivor Borneo Update
Survivor Australia Update
Survivor Africa Update
Survivor Marquesas Update
Survivor Thailand Update

Keep reading for more details.

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Christmas Update – Big Brother AU 2020

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A simulator for Big Brother Australia season 12 that aired in 2020 has been released!

Try out the Big Brother Australia 2020 simulator now.

Thanks to Brandon for planning this season. Please report any bugs that you notice.


Survivor Island of the Idols Simulator Released

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The most advantage-filled simulator to-date for a Survivor season is now officially released. Season 39, Island of the Idols, aired in fall 2019 and featured 20 new castaways and 2 returning ‘idols’, which you can customize in the simulator.

Unlike season 33-38, this season was released with all of the advantages active. Since November, many of the missing advantages for these other seasons have been added, and the goal is to add the rest before the Winners at War release. Other feedback has been collected over social media to make visual improvements such as the option of how many votes remain after each vote is read at a tribal council and seeing the totals for voted out players and jurors on the tribal council pages.

New scenarios with tribal councils have come up with these advantages, and adjustments will be made to handle these better for the Winners at War release as well.

Try out the Survivor Island of the Idols simulator now! Feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks especially to Brandon, Edwyth, Phineas, Wcplays, and Mira for testing this season to ensure a higher quality release.


Sequester Access Simulator Released

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A simulator has been released for Sequester Access! You can choose your cast size, use players from all four seasons, and watch the season play out.

Season 4 is currently airing on YouTube. You can watch the season or catch-up on the past seasons at @SequesterAccess on YouTube and follow along on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Please leave any feedback or bug reports in comments. Thank you.


Sequester Access Season 4 Cast Photos Added

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The cast photos for seasons 4 of Sequester Access have been added to all of the simulators. Sequester Access is a strategy based gameshow produced by Audrey Middleton that invites up to 20 strangers to compete for a cash prize.

Season 4 will premiere November 29th, 2020 at 9 PM EST.


Big Brother 22 Simulator Released

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The Big Brother 22 simulator has been released. This contains all of the twists in the season.

This uses the same system that Big Brother Canada 5, Over the Top, Celebrity 1 and 2 US, and Big Brother 21 use. Some of the new settings such as “Display Options” are not yet available for these seasons.

Thanks to Brandon, Edwyth, Phineas, and Wcplays for testing this simulator and providing valuable feedback. Please report any issues that you see.

Twitter: brantsteele


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