The Challenge Poll

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Which season of The Challenge would you like to see next? Vote for as many as you want! Poll closes 5/1 at 8 PM EST.

Update: War of the Worlds won by 74 votes.

Wednesday 5/1 at 8:00 PM: Big Brother Poll Posted (24 hours)
Thursday 5/2 at 8:00 PM: Total Drama Poll Posted (24 hours)
Friday 5/3 at 8:00 PM: Final Poll Posted on which update to prioritize next (24 hours)
All times EST

2019 Next Simulator Survey, Round 2

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The 92 submissions from round 1 were narrowed down to 48 and will compete in a poll.

This poll is complete. The winner was The Amazing Race. A new post for The Challenge is coming shortly.

Top 6:

1. The Amazing Race (2,093 Votes)

2. Battle for Dream Island (1,429 Votes)

3. Escape The Night (1,164 Votes)

4. Wipeout (902 Votes)

5. The Voice (899 Votes)

6. Mafia/Werewolf/Town Of Salem (847 Votes)

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2019 Next Simulator Survey

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There are two simulators that I’d like to finish and release before doing anything new. The Hunger Games Simulator update is being tested, which includes importing and exporting casts with a text file. The Survivor Custom Template is still being programmed.

We had 92 submissions for ‘next new simulator’ before the poll was closed due to spam and trolling. Some of the results are not easily programmable and were discarded, but we’re going to do several rounds of polling to narrow down the choices. Each poll will last ~24 hours this round.

The poll for 4/22 was “Which cooking show would you most want to see made into a BrantSteele simulator?” Advancing: Hell’s Kitchen (43%), MasterChef (35%)

The poll for 4/23 was “Which dating show would you most want to see made into a BrantSteele simulator?” Advancing: The Bachelor/Bachelorette (37%), Are You the One? (28%)

The poll for 4/24 was “Which dating show would you most want to see made into a BrantSteele simulator?” Advancing: Escape The Night (22%), Whodunnit (19%), Mafia/Town of Salem/Werewolf (15%), Clue (14%). Because Escape The Night won, I’ll evaluate merging this show with the single-killer Danganronpa simulator.

The poll for 4/25 is “Which designing show would you most want to see made into a BrantSteele simulator?” Advancing: Project Runway (57%)

The poll for 4/26 is “Which singing/dancing talent show would you most want to see made into a BrantSteele simulator?” Advancing: The Voice (20%), American Idol (15%), America’s Got Talent (14%), Dancing With the Stars (13%), Produce 101 Series (11%), The X Factor (10%).

The criteria for advancing was to win or finish with 10% of the leader.

The top 48 have been set from round 1, and details on round 2 will be posted shortly.


The Amazing Race 31 cast added & SSL

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The cast for The Amazing Race 31 was added to all of the simulators. This season features many competitors from other reality television shows.

Please report if you see any bugs.

Additionally, BrantSteele.com had a security update with the addition of SSL. This should reduce the warnings that web browsers generate for websites without it. The only errors you should see now are custom seasons where you used your own images that don’t include ‘https’ at the start. A way to handle these images is being looked into. If this test goes well, BrantSteele.net will likely be updated with SSL in May.


Paint Drying Simulator Released

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An exciting new simulator has been released – the Paint Drying Simulator! Similar to recent releases, this will run as a 2-50 color template. For users who prefer longer simulations, an “Ultra-Slow” drying speed has been added. Please simulate through both of these speeds, observing any differences, and leave feedback here.

If no major bugs are found, saving will be added in about 24 hours.

Serious Update: Happy April Fools 2019. This simulator will remain, and saving has been added. Make sure to use the updated URL, as the original will be removed in 24 hours.

Congratulations to the users who found the secret Danganronpa and RuPaul’s Drag Race simulators hidden in the summary pages of the different drying speeds. These two simulators were planned by Brandon and programmed last-minute over the weekend. They’re considered ‘simple’ simulators without any logic, but are solid starting points for the two most requested simulators.

Thanks to Commentarian for coming up with the idea of a Paint Drying Simulator and Flyhngon for information on the Danganronpa cast photos.


Big Brother Interactive Template Update

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The Big Brother Interactive Template now supports 5-50 players and contains a voting chart. It has been converted to a more efficient structure and brought over to BrantSteele.com with the intention of adding Saving later this week once any lingering bugs are fixed.

The main goal of this conversion was to improve the structure rather than add new features, and a larger Big Brother template with Custom twists could come in the future if enough users would like one. A few new display options were added including the ability to shuffle and sort memory wall and split it between remaining and evicted houseguests. An interactive option to quit was added, and you can now see speeches in interactive simulations.

You can use the simulator here.

Any feedback would be appreciated. This has been developed over several months. Thanks to Brandon, Commentarian, Edwyth, and Eric for all testing the simulator and finding bugs before its official release. This is a very complex simulator, so more bugs are possible, and any reports would be appreciated.

Update: Bug fixes, small feature additions, and logic changes were made to finalize the Big Brother Interactive Template. Thank you for all your feedback, and keep leaving it! There could be more BB template updates this summer. For now, it’s back to Survivor and The Hunger Games.

Saving was finally added to the Big Brother Interactive Template.


Dog Eat Dog Simulator is now a Template

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An option to adjust the size of the cast from anywhere between 2 and 50 players has been added to the Dog Eat Dog Simulator. All existing simulations can still be loaded.

Changes may be coming for the voting chart due to all of the different targets each round, which extend the width of the chart.

This functionality had been coded in from the beginning. It just needed activated. The Big Brother interactive template with support for 5-50 players should be released by next weekend at the latest, and the Survivor Custom Template and updated Hunger Games Simulator are still in development.


New Edit Cast Modes

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To help users transition from BrantSteele.net to BrantSteele.com with upcoming template updates for Big Brother, Survivor, and The Hunger Games, the original Custom and Personal edit modes have been added to all of the new simulators.

  • Screenshot Preview #1 and #2

For those who use Advanced Edit, an option has been added to change Season and Show below each tribe/group.

  • Screenshot Preview #3

Here’s a preview of what’s to come for The Hunger Games.

  • Screenshot Preview #4

The Survivor Custom Template tribe & cast page is temporarily unavailable due to some on-server testing occurring today.

An option to use the original background was added to the .com simulators earlier in the week. Please report any issues, and any feedback on the changes is welcome. Thank you!


Big Brother Canada 7 Cast Photos Added

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Cast photos have been created for the 7th season of Big Brother Canada, featuring 14 new houseguests. This season is set to premiere on March 6th. These cast photos are available on all of the BrantSteele.com simulators along with support for non-binary gender.

You can view the full cast here.

Please report any issues you see.


Celebrity Big Brother 2 Simulator Released

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The simulator for Celebrity Big Brother 2 US has been released on the day of its finale. This simulator contains the audience decisions from the season and a voting chart. It is is intended to be a complete release, and saving will be added by the weekend as long as no major bugs are found.

You can use the simulator here.

Any feedback would be appreciated. This was a quick development, so bugs are possible. Thanks to @TheeEric on Twitter for testing this season on short notice and reporting numerous bugs, relating to this simulator and others.

Update: A Twist Options menu has been added to the week page, so you can choose to set up the season based on your interpretation of these twists.

Update 2: Saving has been added.

Twitter: brantsteele


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