Survivor 40 Winners at War Prediction Game: Episode 2 Results

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Note: Based on episode 2, additional changes were made to the format to help cover all of the scenarios that played out in the episode. Thanks to Brandon for helping clarify the points format.

All secret advantages that can directly influence a tribal council, not just idols, are now awarded 5 points. If an advantage needs to be split between multiple players, each additional player receives an equal portion of the points. This means decimal points are now possible. If there is a primary player who obtains an advantage, they will receive full points for that advantage, even if they need to split it later.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Week 2 Castaway Leaderboard – Top 4

Top Weekly Score – Kim (20 points)

1st – Kim (44 Points)

2nd – Sandra (41 Points)

3rd – Nick (37 Points)

4th – Tyson (36 Points)

=4th – Wendell (36 Points)

=4th – Yul (36 Points)

Bottom Weekly Score – Danni (-9 points)

Week 2 Player Leaderboard – Top 10

Top Weekly Score – TreeLemons, eeeeeep, gwonderland (80.5 points)

1st – Omar1966 (186.5 Points)

2nd – Caleb (179 Points)

3rd – TreeLemons (178.5 Points)

4th – Glitzille (178 Points)

=4th – faceoff (178 Points)

6th – jalen22 (175.5 Points)

7th – Greatnateross (175 Points)

=7th – Saturday (175 Points)

=7th – anthonyscott (175 Points)

=7th – clearmint (175 Points)

Bottom Weekly Score – bluepancakes23, Sims1195, RealityFan217 (8 point)

Prediction Game Picks

Natalie – 495 picks (49.5%)
Danni – 315 picks (36%)
Amber – 190 picks (19.0%)

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