Survivor Winners at War Prediction Game Details

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Last May, a total of 1,000 users signed up for the BrantSteele Survivor 40: Winners at War Prediction Game.

The premiere of the season is almost here. One lucky prize winner (or more if there is a tie) will win a simple simulator of their choice from a list of 47 shows in a Previous Survey. If the winner can’t be contacted, next in line will get the prize.

Choices were supposed to be unique, but there was a technical error for a brief time period where some users were able to submit the same selections that others had already chosen.

The Point Structure is currently the same as the prediction game for Survivor Game Changers except for the addition of the Edge of Extinction twist. After the premiere episode, any additional twists will be evaluated to see if they can be incorporated into the point structure. Then the point structure will be finalized.

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