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The maintenance that began around the end of May has been completed. An updated Disclaimer & Terms of Use and Privacy Policy has also been added for the simulators that will go into full effect on July 15th, 2018. Please read the above links to see what personal and non-personal information is collected while using the simulators and saving simulations. A separate Privacy Policy for this blog was also added.

One important detail is that users of all the simulators must be at least 13 years of age or have parental consent.

Another change is that manual recovery of deleted saved simulations will be ending. Along with the privacy benefits of ending this practice, this is the most time consuming maintenance task and takes time away from designing and updating the simulators. If you have a saved simulation you would like to have recovered, you must send the simulator, season (if applicable), and the saved code using the Contact Form before July 15th. Because saved simulations are now encrypted, simulations can no longer be recovered by contents. Requests submitted before this date will be recovered, if possible, on July 15th or shortly after.

Saved simulations will be cleared 3 months after the last view or 1 year after the last view if the ‘keep longer’ or ‘keep forever’ option is selected. Saved simulation recovery is ending, and no exceptions will be made after this date.

The next simulator, Celebrity Big Brother US, is still in development.

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