Survivor 34 Prediction Game Sign-Ups Open

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Sign up now!

1) You must select 5 castaways.
2) No two users may pick the same choices.
3) A BrantSteele account is required.
4) Each user may only have one submission per account/IP Address.
5) Users who sign up can also participate in a second weekly competition.
6) This is meant to be for fun, but there may be a prize rewarded to the winner.

Sign-ups close Wednesday, March 1st at 8:00 PM EST.

The weekly competition begins Thursday, March 2nd at 8:00 PM EST.

Survivor Game Changers first airs Wednesday, March 8th, 2017 at 8:00 PM EST.


February Cast Photo Overview

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– Fixed gender for Dustin Seltzer and Ian Pollack from season 11 of TAR
– Fixed gender for Jordan Lloyd from season 16 of TAR
– Corrected Ken Hoang’s season number
– Added Brian Boyd from TAR Canada 3
– Fixed last names in first in ANTM Cycle 22, Hell’s Kitchen 15, BBUK 17
– Switched Tammie Brown’s regular RPDR and All Stars photo
– Swapped cast photos for Mark Munoz and Michael Munoz from TAR 14
– Swapped cast photos for Edyta Sliwinska and Ginger Zee from DWTS 22
– Added alternate photos of Jenna, Latoya, and Marie for The Challenge 29
– Added Mayla Araújo and Antônio Rafaski for Big Brother Brasil 17.

Under Consideration:
– Adding Melissa from ABC’s Glass House
– Updating the TAR 28 photos here
– Adding Ink Master cast photos here
– Adding the Survivor 33 cast photos here
– Adding cast photos for season 2 of Make Me A Supermodel (sent over email)
– Adding alternate versions of cast photos for ANTM 23 (sent over email)
– Adding RHOBH new season 7 cast photos (designed, but not yet uploaded)
– Adding cast photos for Celebrity Apprentice 8 (need photos)
– Adding Bad Girls Club (need photos)
– Putting The Ridonculous Race in Total Drama section of BrantSteele.com (?)
– Putting The Ridonculous Race in correct alphabetical position on BrantSteele.net
– Adding Mr. Coconut to the Total Drama cast (?)

A list of all the shows containing cast photos can be found in the spreadsheet linked below.

Cast Photo Overview

This blog post will remain open for the month of February and is meant for cast photo discussion only. Thanks again for all the great feedback the past two months.

Other Note: I’m working on training videos for how I make cast photos to send to the volunteers interested in this task for March. A few people already expressed interest and will be contacted first.


February Saved Season Recovery

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Because storage is limited, an auto-deletion function runs that deletes any season that hasn’t been viewed after 1 month if “Kept Longer” is not selected. If “Kept Longer” is selected for that season, it will last 6 months from the latest view. A new storage structure was implemented for BrantSteele.net last week that may allow for better long-term storage options in the future, but it’s still being evaluated.

Even though saved seasons are auto-deleted, backups are still kept. If you remember the season code of your season and approximately when you first saved the simulation, it is usually possible to locate and recover the season even after it has been deleted.

For the month of February, I am willing to manually recover and/or restore up to 50 saved seasons that meet one of the following three criteria:
1. The season was removed by the BrantSteele auto-deletion function.
2. The season uses BrantSteele images that no longer work due to a different URL caused by a server change.
3. The season uses images hosted off-site that no longer display. If this is the case, be specific, and upload your replacement images to a hosting service like imgur so that they last longer and they’re not stealing bandwidth from other sites.

If more than 50 seasons are requested, I’ll limit the number that can be recovered to 10 per person, and the other ones can be requested in an upcoming month. Since it takes time to get into the backups and recover a season, I’d like to recover them all at the same time for greater efficiency. This will probably be around March 1st. For this month, you can request a season that was deleted at any time. In the future, requests may be limited to saved seasons auto-deleted in recent months.

Please send a message over the Contact Form with the subject Saved Season Recovery if you have a season or seasons in mind. You can also post here in the comments if you don’t mind publicly sharing your season code and information.


Survivor 34 Prediction Game Coming Sunday

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Sign-ups for the BrantSteele Survivor Game Changers Prediction Game will be opening on Sunday, February 12th at 7:00 PM EST. These will remain open until Wednesday, March 1st at 8:00 PM. Please do not try and sign up before this time or in these comments. A link will be posted on the BrantSteele homepage, the blog, the Twitter, and the subreddit when sign-ups open.

The Prediction Game will be run using a similar system to past seasons, using a special site that is connected to the BrantSteele Blog accounts. Each participant will be required to select five castaways for their season picks, and no two participants may select the same five.

In addition, there will be a second competition for registered participants where weekly predictions can be made to give people a chance to still compete even if their season picks are eliminated early. For this competition, it will be beneficial to check back every week. More details on the weekly competition will be posted by March.

Compared to past seasons, updates should be more frequent and occur within 24 hours of each episode airing – usually much soon. A possible newsletter subscription system (optional) for participants to better stay informed is under consideration. A possible prize is also under consideration, and prize compensation for the past prediction game winners who are reachable will be given this week.


Survivor 34 Cast & More Added

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The official cast photos were revealed today for Survivor Game Changers. Two versions of photos for each cast member were added to all simulators. You can also see the tribes by clicking the Survivor 34 simulator link.

Over 100 additional cast photos were added that include the following seasons of shows:
– America’s Next Top Model (season 23)
– Big Brother Brasil (season 17)
– Celebrity Big Brother UK (season 19)
– Dancing With The Stars (season 23)
– RuPaul’s Drag Race (season 9)
– The Challenge (season 28)

As always, please report any bugs. A few of the bugs reported in the January Cast Photo Overview were fixed, and the rest are being fixed now or will be soon.


Upcoming Maintenance Notice

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There will be a few hours of downtime Wednesday around 2:00 AM EST on the BrantSteele.net server. Some would consider this time late Tuesday night, so be prepared. Saving will be unavailable for a period of time. The BrantSteele.com simulators and community features will not be impacted.

Why the maintenance? Mainly to stop some of the hard drive storage issues that continue to occur. Keep reading for the more boring details.

Update: Maintenance has been completed in about 2 hours. Because the server configuration was changed, you may see notice performance impacts. Please report if you notice any positive or negative differences.

read more


Survivor 33, Demo Version #3

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The demo of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X has been updated to version #3.

Notable Changes in Version #3:

– Group targets are now shown. This includes targets from alliances and factions.
– Majority alliances may split votes.
– Players may choose to go against an alliance if they disagree with the targets.
– Players may also logically flip to avoid a deadlock.
– An accidental deadlock caused by multiple players flipping on revotes occur.
– Many functional and display errors were fixed from demo version #2.
– Statistics are now available, including the number of idols found.
– Player Reasoning has been added.
– No Logic simulation has been added.

Overall, this update takes the voting system from Total Drama Island and significantly expands on it to provide a more realistic Survivor simulation experience that is easier to update and has more flexibility than the older Survivor seasons. Keep in mind that this is just version 3 of the new Survivor system, and it will continue to grow and become more complex with new scenarios added. This new algorithm will eventually be added to more Survivor seasons and templates.

Thousands of seasons were simulated in an effort to remove as many bugs as possible. Some may have been missed, so please report any that you see. Any feedback on the logic or season template would be appreciated. There are still a few improvements needed before Survivor 33 is finalized with saving.

The next content update will probably be the completion of The Duel simulator, which is being worked on. A little later this month, the agenda will be posted for what’s coming up in the months ahead. January was a very productive month for gathering user feedback and beginning to recruit new volunteers, and the backlog of tasks is being cleared to allow more focus on the future simulators. I will continue to work with volunteers to be as productive as possible.

There will be a few hours of downtime Wednesday after midnight EST (some would consider that late Tuesday night) on the BrantSteele.net server. More details will be posted about this soon.


January Cast Photo Overview

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This is a request for information on existing shows that have bugs to fix or that need updated cast photos. The last update was in August, and I posted a thread asking for suggestions last October. No new cast photos have been added since.

If you know where the official photos for any given show can be found, it would be appreciated if you could post a link or send it to me over the Contact Form. These are the two best ways of reporting new cast photos. I’d like to release some of the needed cast photos in the next few days to continue clearing the backlog of tasks that need done. At the present time, new shows will not be added until the existing shows are caught up.

Under Consideration:
– Adding Melissa from ABC’s Glass House
– Updating the TAR 28 Cast Photos

Comments That Have Been Posted But Not Yet Addressed:
– DWTS season 23 cast
– New Big Brother Brasil season
– New Celebrity Big Brother Season
– Real Housewives of Beverly Hills new season 7 cast photos
– Dustin Seltzer and Ian Pollack from season 11, Jordan Lloyd from season 16 of TAR have the wrong gender.
– The cast photos of Mark Munoz and Michael Munoz from season 11 of TAR should be swapped.
– Brian Boyd (TAR Canada 2) is missing.
– Issues with The Ridonculous Race in the cast/show list.

A list of all the shows containing cast photos can be found in the spreadsheet linked below.

Cast Photo Overview

This blog post will remain open for one month and is meant for cast photo discussion only. Thank you.


Blog Maintenance Completed

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For the past few hours, the BrantSteele Blog and BrantSteele Prediction Game websites were under maintenance. This maintenance is completed, and both should be accessible again.

Both the Blog and Prediction Game were moved from the BrantSteele.org server to the BrantSteele.com server, so the BrantSteele.org server is no longer being used. This is the early part of a test to see if BrantSteele.com, BrantSteele.net, and BrantSteele.org can be reunited on one server with a single user account system for simulator-related functions. Please report any performance changes or errors that you see in the meantime.

Simulator updates for Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X, The Challenge: The Duel, and Big Brother: Over The Top will be coming next. The plans for February forward are also being finalized and will be announced soon.


BB18 Prediction Game Finale

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Summary Includes top Houseguests/Players and popularity of evicted Houseguests.

Weekly Point Breakdown Includes events throughout the week that awarded/deducted points from Houseguests.

Houseguest Point Overview Displays all points earned/lost throughout the game.

Player Point Overview Displays selected Houseguests and their accumulated points for each player.

Use this blog post to discuss anything up to the end of Big Brother 18 and the Prediction Game! Please report any scoring errors you see in the next week. After that time, the winner will be final, and the prize will be awarded.

Member Information

Twitter: brantsteele


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