Frequently Asked Questions
Simulator Updates Planned:
- Big Brother: Moving the Advanced Template to and adding saving
- Big Brother: Creating season 19 on
- Survivor: Fixing bugs, improving, finalizing, and adding saving for S33 & S34
- Survivor: Creating the Advanced Template on
- The Hunger Games: Adding custom number of tributes/districts
- Total Drama: Creating the remaining seasons

Simulator Updates Possible, Not Confirmed:
- Big Brother: Adding custom twists to the Advanced Template
- Big Brother: Moving the original seasons to
- Circle & Dog Eat Dog: Adding custom number of contestants
- Survivor: Creating the Australian Survivor 2016 season
- Survivor: Moving the original 32 seasons to
- The Challenge: Creating the remaining seasons
- The Hunger Games: Moving to
- The Hunger Games: Adding optional attributes

Future Simulators Possible, Not Confirmed:
- The Amazing Race (not an April Fools joke)
- Danganronpa
- I Love Money (not an April Fools joke)
- RuPaul's Drag Race
- The Bachelor
- The Walking Dead/Zombie Apocalypse
- BrantSteele & users' original concepts

Features Planned:
- Edit Cast: Adding logo lists to
- Random Cast: Bug Fixes & More Options on

Features Possible, Not Confirmed:
- Account saving for simulations, characters, and more
- Allowing text files to be imported/exported for easier season setup
- Image uploading

Features Not Coming:
- BrantSteele Mobile App
- BrantSteele Multiplayer Games