Survivor Micronesia Upgraded & Saved Simulation Reminder

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The Survivor Micronesia Update has been released.

This season features 2 tribes of 10 along with an Immunity Idol hidden on Exile Island. If this idol is rehidden after the episode 13 tribal council, it will instead be hidden at the merge tribe camp. Thank you for those who tested the season and provided feedback. New features are gradually being introduced to Survivor such as stamina adjustments and the ability for players to join existing alliances in events, and all feedback on these changes is welcome.

Reminder: For those of you who want to preserve your existing saved simulations, here is a description of the current deletion policies. These policies will be more strictly enforced in the near future. Please ask if you have any questions.

– Saved simulations will be cleared 3 months after the last view by default.

– Saved simulations will remain available for 1 year after the last view if the ‘Keep Longer’ option is selected in the Advanced Options page.

– Once a saved simulation is deleted, it is not possible to recover it.

– Just because your code isn’t listed on the ‘Your Seasons’ page, it does not necessarily mean your saved simulation was deleted. Your internet connection may have changed, and it could still be possible to recover it.

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