Survivor Fiji Upgraded & Stamina Added to All .com Survivor Seasons

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The Survivor Fiji Update has been released.

Survivor Fiji is the next Survivor season to be updated. This season features a Have and a Have Not camp twist, and the idols function differently based on the twist.

In addition, all .com Survivor seasons now have the new Profile attribute called Stamina activated. Stamina controls how well a player maintains their energy level throughout a season, which can range from 0% to 100%. Energy allows a player to do well on challenges and perform other actions such as finding idols. Merge feasts and winning reward challenges can increase a player’s energy while exile island and poor camp conditions can decrease it. A player with low energy is more likely to be medically evacuated. There are new stamina-based events, but these are only enabled by default for Fiji and China until more testing is done to make sure the balance is correct.

Thank you to everyone who has been testing and reporting bugs. I’m also gathering feedback in the following Google Doc: Feedback Survey

Edit: The following bugs were also fixed with AU Survivor 2018:
– Beggar’s table auction winner can no longer bid on more items
– Tribe history colors spoiled colors the Save/Send twist
– Merge idol was being hidden a round late

You can keep reading for more details on Fiji’s idol.

– Prior to the merge, the Have Camp and Have Not Camp idols are hidden based on the camp, not the tribe.
– After the merge, both idols are in play. The rehidden Have Not Camp Idol becomes the Second Have Camp Idol.
– If 2 idols are used in 1 post-merge tribal council, only 1 is re-hidden. The other is removed from the game.
– After the final 6 tribal council, idols are only re-hidden if no idols are held.

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