Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders (2018) Released

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Taking a break from the US seasons of Survivor, the 2018 Australian version is the next to be released.

Thanks to bwburke for planning a way to incorporate the different twists into the season, Brandon for testing the season, and countless others here on Discord for testing and reporting bugs. I attempted to resolve all of the reported bugs, but please let me know if I missed any.

Australian Survivor Champions v. Contenders (2018)

Survivor Fiji is close to being finalized with the new “stamina” attribute, and Survivor China is also in development.

You can keep reading for a list of the twists in the season. These may contain format spoilers if you have not already seen it.

Episode 3 Voting Urn hidden immunity idol
– Episode 9 Exile Beach returnee challenge
– Episode 11 Tribe Switch
– Episode 12 Save or Send twist with both scenarios
– Episode 14 Vote Steal
– Episode 15 and 22 Moral Dilemmas
– Episode 19 Dead Man Walking Twist

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