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Hello again! For those who don’t know me, my name is Jacob and I used to work alongside Brant on BrantSteele roughly from 2012 until my departure in 2017. In this post I’ll be recounting my work during that period, why I’ve come back, and where my knowledge currently lies in regards to the website and related information. I will also be lightly talking about how we plan to move forward for, at least, the next six months. So, if you’re mainly interested in what’s coming up, scroll down and look for the relevant header.

For those who do remember me, hi! It’s been upwards of four years and, understandably, a lot has changed. I may not remember everybody, and even for those I do recognize I may not have the best memory of our interactions, but it’s been great to see familiar users on Discord.

Speaking of, if anybody wants to chat or ask me anything (within reason), I recently joined the BrantSteele Discord server! If you decide to join, please make sure you respect the rules and be friendly. I’m also planning on popping into our subreddit soon.

With that, let’s jump in!

My Previous Work

Back in 2013, I discovered BrantSteele when a user of another website shared a link to the Big Brother 10 simulator. At the time, that was the only simulator and it had no logic. The specifics are gone to the wind but, being over-enthusiastic, I started to send Brant email after email about how fun it was and ideas I had to make it better.

Skipping ahead to a more established time, my main focus was on support- creating blog posts, bug-hunting, and so forth. As time went on, I continued to have more involvement with most aspects of the BrantSteele. In no particular order, I created the still current BrantSteele logo, started our subreddit, increased activity on Twitter, and created/ran Community Simulations and the Prediction Game. On top of helping Brant on internal things, I made myself very busy. Eventually, I took more of an interested in the actual creation of the simulators.

While I was always talking with Brant about potential simulators, I found myself starting to plan how certain shows would function myself. I believe the first result of this was The Hunger Games, designed by me, programmed by Brant, and virtually every event made by me. Releasing it on Christmas Day (2014) was an idea we agreed on because, at the time, there was no simulator of this scale and we both felt it would be a cool surprise. I don’t want to derail this post by getting too into the aftermath of THG, but it’s needless to say that it was jaw-dropping (I was still in high school by this point). We later added in several features, specifically to the core loop we added The Feast and Arena Events, prior credits applying.

Other shows I designed since then (including transcription of challenges and other necessary text): Dog Eat Dog, Total Drama Island, The Circle, and The Challenge (The Duel). The automated voting charts, which were introduced in TDI, were conceptualized by me and brought to life by Brant.

That is the extent of my contributions to the point I left, unless I’ve missed something. Now, the question is why did I leave?

I recall making a goodbye post at the time that has since been deleted, but the answer is that life was catching up to me. There were several pressing matters stacking up in my offline life, and on top of pressure I was putting on myself to finish The Duel, I hit a point where anything that wasn’t a top priority had to be put aside. Unfortunately, BrantSteele was one of the few things that wasn’t a necessity. In hindsight, I would have tried to reduce my presence instead of leaving, but it is what it is. I continued to watch shows like Big Brother for a period but, by the end of Episode 2 of Millennials vs. Gen X (Survivor), I decided to to stop. I haven’t seen a single episode of any current reality show since, and until recently had not been on BrantSteele.

It was toward the end of Q3 2020 that I started to consider returning. After seeing a wave of BrantSteele videos, the thought of returning didn’t bring hesitation like it typically did. By November (possibly earlier), I was back in contact.

Our original plan was for me to formerly return on the release a certain simulator I’m working on, but with April approaching, we made a quick decision to pull an April Fools joke.

What’s Next?

We’ve got some fun stuff in the works. The current plan is, while Brant continues to push out updated Survivor seasons, I will be preparing other content. When I finish content on my end, he will come in and create a simulator, so there will be other things to break up the chain of Survivor updates. As well, we recently decided that we will be doing an event in the coming months. There is one simulator on my end that we need to release prior to this, and we ideally want all 40 seasons of Survivor to be complete, but we are ultimately aiming for this event to take place during the summer. It will mainly take place on Discord, but the actual content will be on the website. We’re very excited to see how it shapes up. Beyond that, Brant will likely move to upgrading Big Brother and I will move to my next BrantSteele project.

Hopefully this post has given you an idea of my time with BrantSteele and what we’re aiming to do with the remainder of the 2021. Whether you read everything or just about our plans, thank you for your time!

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  • Dean [Guest] April 8, 2021 at 1:07 pm

    Nice to see you back Jacob, can’t believe it has been so long sice you left. Take all the time you need if life catches up on you again 🙂

    • Jacob [Admin] April 8, 2021 at 1:10 pm

      It’s been longer than I realized. Thank you!

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