I Love Money (Season 1) Added & A Brief Hello!

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To go with April Fools, Brant and I have put together and released the I Love Money simulator (ILM)!

While I returned to BrantSteele unofficially a few months ago, the idea to create a proper ILM simulator (sim) came about within the last month as a last-minute April Fools joke. Due to the time crunch and difficulty in finding the full season viewable, the simulator is unfortunately missing challenge descriptions and educated guesses had to be made regarding certain details. We plan on revisiting the sim at another time to add the challenges and other improvements. If you know of a legal source for the full season of ILM S1, contact us!

Keep reading to see a summary of how I Love Money works, or skip ahead for a brief introduction from me.

Simulator Summary

  • In Episode 1, there are 17 solo contestants who compete in a challenge. First and second place become captains and take turns picking their teammates. The last person to not be picked has their check voided.
  • Each team must select a new captain each episode and cannot pick the same contestant back-to-back. This occurs on the first Events page.
  • Teams compete in a challenge and the captain of the winning team becomes Paymaster. As Paymaster, one gains the ability to void the check of another contestant. The captain of the losing team does not receive any sort of punishment.
  • The losing team must nominate three people for the Bottom 3 during The Vault. This process is very free form in nature, thus it’s difficult to translate in a timely manner which is why not much context is included on this page currently.
  • The Power Outing is simply a chance for the Bottom 3 to vouch for themselves to the Paymaster before the Elimination Ceremony and is reminiscent of rewards in other shows like Survivor.
  • The Elimination Ceremony has one key feature, which is the Paymaster saving/eliminating the Bottom 3 in whatever order they choose. This is reflected on the Voting Chart as some Episodes show a BTM3 and a BTM2, while others have two BTM3.
  • After teams are disbanded, the challenge winner each episode becomes Paymaster (and can be back-to-back). The contestant who places dead-last is automatically placed in the Bottom 3.
  • The Paymaster does not participate in The Vault and, with the exception of Episodes 10 & 13, the other contestants must nominate two more people.
  • In Episode 10, the dead-last loser has their check voided immediately and, as a result, three people need to be nominated during The Vault. In Episode 13, there are only three contestants that can be nominated and so there is no dead-last loser or vault.
  • Also in Episode 13, immediately following the check being voided, it is revealed that there is a jury who will eliminate one of the remaining contestants. Now, because a contestant quit before the jury could do anything on the actual show, we don’t know exactly how jury was meant to function. We came to the conclusion that they would likely act in a similar fashion to every other group decision in the game- naming a single contestant as a group.
  • The final 2 is a challenge in similar fashion to The Final Challenge in The Duel.

The voting chart is relatively self-explanatory, but here is a key for the less obvious elements.

  • bold text – Team Captain
  • italic text – Dead-Last Loser
  • Dark Red Cell – Voided Via Challenge
  • BTM3 – Was either saved first or the first person called up had their check voided.
  • BTM2 – Was either called up second and saved, or the second person called up had their check voided.

Brief Introduction

Hello! This was not part of the April Fools post- I have indeed returned. I was originally going include a lengthy summary of my history on BrantSteele before and currently, as well as current/future plans, but I think for the sake of time I’ll be doing that in the next couple of days. What I will say is that I am excited to be focusing on the simulators again and I can’t wait to see more ideas become a reality. My intention was to officially return on the release of another… project, but the timing of this served itself better. That’s all I’ll say for now.


Thank you for enjoying and supporting BrantSteele for all these years and for the reception of I Love Money, it’s good to be back.

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