Survivor Panama & Cook Islands Upgraded

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The Survivor Panama Update and Survivor Cook Islands Update have been released. This involves a lot of new code to handle the unique hidden immunity idol for these seasons.

During the past week, a bug was fixed with Profile attributes sometimes not working properly in the .com simulators. This bug was due to a function that was originally made for Total Drama Island not translating the 5-attribute to the 8-attribute profiles that these other simulators use correctly. This has now been fixed.

Thank you to everyone who has been testing and reporting bugs. I’m also gathering feedback in the following Google Doc. Before the next season upgrade, this feedback will be analyzed, and some quality of life updates may be made to all of the Survivor seasons: Feedback Survey

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  • Johnny [Guest] April 3, 2021 at 12:27 pm

    I feel there is too much idol transfer in those seasons. Is there a way to eliminate those transfers or to reduce them to one by season?

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