Survivor Vanuatu Upgraded & Bug Fixes

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The Survivor Vanuatu Update has been released.

Along with those bug fixes, the Vote Summary for Jury Vote is also now available on all newly simulated .com Survivor seasons. Thanks to everyone who contributed with detailed reports and save links!

Keep reading for the list of bugs that were corrected.

Big Brother AU 2020 – Episode 2 and 3 memory wall HoH stat counter corrected

Survivor 5: Thailand – If no one mutinied, the fake merge tribe history potentially spoiled the next 2 votes
Survivor 7: Pearl Islands – Outcast vote produced errors with “No Logic” enabled
Survivor 34: Game Changers – Exiled player could find the 3rd tribe idol in episode 6
Survivor 37: David vs. Goliath – Tribal council text wasn’t displaying correctly when an idol nullifier was played, followed by their target playing the idol
Survivor 39: Island of the Idols – Lost vote was being removed at tribal council if Safety without Power was used
Survivor 39: Island of the Idols – The targets were sometimes completely wrong in Episode 9, with alliances from previous simulations
Survivor 39: Island of the Idols – When 2 temporary idols were played in one tribal council, the second one could be used again at the next tribal council if it didn’t expire

All Survivor – Meltdowns in ‘Change Relationships Each Episode’ could sometimes set impossible relationship values that would break the “Change Relationships” page
All Survivor – Alliances didn’t reset when the cast was changed through Edit or Random
All Survivor – Challenges with male and female immunity winners now require at least 2 from each of those genders and no additional genders to activate that scenario
All Survivor – Immunity wins didn’t count in Other Statistics if a player was quit or medevaced that round

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