Survivor Pearl Islands & All-Stars Upgraded

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The Survivor Pearl Islands Update and Survivor All-Stars Update have been released.

There were a few scenarios in Pearl Islands that never occurred in the show, so I’m interested in your feedback on how these are handled in the simulator. There is an Episode 2 twist in the simulator that was never shown in the episodes. An option has been added where you can disable it if you’d prefer.

Thanks to bwburke94 for providing specific details that went into the planning of this simulator and also Alyssa Edwards, Desy, and Drake, who volunteered to test at the last minute before release. A pause for the weekly Survivor updates may occur next week to make sure there’s enough time to incorporate some of the planned features, fix some lingering bugs, and make sure other plans are still developing as intended.

You can also use the Feedback Survey to provide your thoughts on how these early season upgrades are progressing. Thank you.

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