Australian Survivor 2017 Released

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A simulator for Australian Survivor 2017 has been released!

Back in February, this season won a poll on the Discord server for next Survivor season over Survivor US 39: Island of the Idols. It is meant to be a smaller update to fill the gap until the larger ones. There are two starting tribes of twelve and the “Ultimate Reward” which is a secret advantage that works in the template. This is the start of incorporating the secret advantages for Survivor 33-38 and to release a complete Winners at War simulator.

Thanks to Brandon for testing this season for bugs and running two live simulations to make sure it worked correctly.

Please leave comments if you see any issues.

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  • TD [Guest] May 28, 2020 at 3:31 pm

    Can you set it so that the tribe with more members ends up with 8 after the ep 12 swap and the tribe with fewer ends up with 7?

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