Circle Simulator is now a Template

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An option to adjust the size of the cast from anywhere between 2 and 50 players has been added to the Circle Simulator. The Relationships and Sympathy attributes have been combined under Sympathy. All existing simulations can still be loaded.

This functionality had been coded in from the beginning. It just needed activated, and now serves as a good time to test a template with the Big Brother Advanced Template coming to BrantSteele.com (with saving and voting charts) and a Survivor Template coming in the near future. The Survivor template’s eventual goal is to contain customization options that should be able to produce seasons 33 – 37 and eventually all of the seasons. These 5 seasons will be loaded from the template with pre-configured settings for each season.

By reducing the size of the cast, you can advance to the end of the simulation quicker.

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