BrantSteele Renewed for 2019

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The BrantSteele simulators will return in 2019, as the two servers and domains have both been renewed. In the second half of the year, I will be exploring alternate means of funding to help generate more updates.

Entering January, the focus will remain on getting the Survivor simulators for seasons 33 – 37 caught up to original 32 seasons and to improve them beyond that with features such as voting charts. The Ghost Island template is almost completed in test form. Following that release will be two large updates for Survivor including weekly changing relationships and the new secret advantage system in addition to small improvements each update.

Once these changes are completed, the focus will shift to the interactive Survivor template along with other simulators besides Survivor. Some surprises are planned throughout the year, and there will be polls to make sure that plans for the simulators align with what users would most like to see.

Thank you to everyone who continues to use and support the simulators, even through the slow times like the past two years. User feedback submitted through the Contact Form and social media, especially the Discord server, has been very helpful. The community staff and I will continue to try and improve the experience.

Twitter: brantsteele


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