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Big Brother Bug Fixes & June Plans

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As is the case with most Big Brother seasons, the Big Brother Canada 5 season took longer to program than expected and slowed down plans for the Survivor updates. Both the Big Brother: Over the Top and Big Brother: Canada 5 simulators have now been completed and finalized. The following bugs were corrected with both the BBOTT and BBCAN5 simulators today.

– Fixed an issue with the voting chart not showing the HoH’s vote in the Co-HoH week in the event of a tie
– Fixed the week numbers showing incorrectly on the pages in BBOTT

– Fixed the No Logic bug where week 4 nominations all appeared the same
– Fixed the bug where a nominee occasionally didn’t use the veto on himself or herself at final four

The focus shifts to improving and finalizing the Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X and Survivor Game Changers simulators, along with some much needed internal improvements for The Hunger Games Simulator.

According to a recent survey, 36% of users prefer the old style of Survivor simulators over the style used in the recent two seasons. The goal with new simulators is to keep the existing experience and improve on it, and that’s too high of a percentage of users not liking the changes to be acceptable. Adjustments are coming to provide support for those users, to fix bugs, to add features, and to make them even more intelligent and realistic. Some of these changes are already incorporated into the latest Big Brother simulators and other test templates, and others have yet to be completed. One of my goals for the rest of the month is to bring these changes together and set a better baseline for the upcoming Survivor Advanced Template.

The Hunger Games Simulator still receives the most traffic out of any simulator, so some internal restructuring will be done to make it more server friendly. If the restructuring is successful, then more customization with a higher number of districts and tributes will be added. There will be a few minutes of downtime this upcoming week, announced in advanced, on the .net server to begin these changes.

Thanks for your patience. Sometimes updates are slow, but the goal is to keep making better simulators. All feedback is appreciated, and I’ll also be taking a much closer look at the Twitter and Subreddit to see how these can be better managed before the end of the month.


Big Brother Canada 5 Simulator Released

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After about a month of work, the Big Brother Canada 5 simulator has been released.

This includes the ability to make audience decisions and change settings each week. There is also a voting chart.

Please report any bugs that you see, and any general feedback on the season is appreciated. This season uses a similar template to Big Brother: Over the Top, and a few bugs were identified and corrected in that season while making this one. @brandon deserves significant credit for the planning of this season, the voting chart, and the testing. Without his help, this would have taken longer to release and would have had a much higher number of bugs.

Once any errors are resolved, saving will be added to finalize this season. Certain text descriptions, Have Not competitions, and tasks may also be improved with more detail.

Update: The reported bugs in comments have been fixed, and saving has been added.


Survivor Game Changers Simulator Demo

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The Survivor: Game Changers template has been released in Demo Form.

Please note: After many great responses to the Survivor Survey, an updated system is being prepared that should both improve the logic of the new features in Survivor 33 and 34 and allow for better backward compatibility for users who prefer the old simulation style. Some of the menu options will resemble those in the Big Brother: Over the Top simulator and will also allow users to change alliances and relationships each episode. Certain display features, like seeing past tribes on every episode page, will also return.

Thanks to @brandon for testing this season and preventing an extremely buggy demo release. Please report any bugs you see or features missing in either the comments or contact forms. Bugs will be fixed as soon as possible, and an update will come in a few days. Thank you!

New For S34:
– Joint tribal council (needs better target pages)
– New tiebreaker procedure for normal tribal councils

Season Specifics Remaining:
– Better incorporation of Legacy Advantage, Extra Vote, and Vote Steal
– More accurate rules regarding idol hiding
– More detailed information on the tribe expansion and splits
– Better logic to prevent split votes from leading to frequent rock tiebreakers
– New tiebreaker procedure for final tribal councils

S33 & S34 Bug Fixed:
– Players immune by idols can no longer be voted out on the revote

S34 Bugs Fixed
– None yet


May Plans

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It’s time to announce the plans for May and what’s happening with the BrantSteele Simulators and Community Features. This was intended to be posted a few days ago, but some obstacles have delayed it. I have performed the saved season recoveries for April, added the new cast photos for May, and replied to the Contact Form messages sent up to this point. I’m considering recruiting staff to help keep up with the subreddit and Twitter accounts since I’m not able to check these as much as the Blog comments and Contact Form messages.

There are currently 7 simulators in the programming phase, and I hope to release at least 3 during the month of May. Two of these include Big Brother Canada 5 and Survivor Game Changers, which should hopefully be released in some form within 24 hours of the finales and finalized shortly after by adding saving. Along with Survivor Game Changers, I would like to adjust, complete, and finalize the Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X simulator.

There are other simulators in development, including, but not limited to, Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, and the Survivor Advanced Template. These may or may not have May releases, but they’re getting closer.


Big Brother: Over the Top Simulator Released

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After a month of work, the Big Brother: Over the Top simulator has been officially released. This clears the backlog of 2016 plans and allows complete focus to go into the new 2017 plans that include Survivor, Total Drama, and more.

Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped test this simulator. Special thanks goes to @brandon for providing knowledge on the season and designing a voting chart that was incorporated into it.

This is the first Big Brother season on the .com server and uses a combination of code from the older Big Brother seasons and the newer simulators. It includes a new type of menu system to change settings weekly and make audience decisions. There are a few new week 1 options so that you can avoid using logic, events/status pages, or having to keep clicking buttons if you don’t want to see them.

If you see any issues, it would be appreciated if you could report them. Bugs should be fixed in about 24 hours, and then saving will be added. I’ll be catching up on contact messages from the first half of April and posting a new blog entry on the schedule for the upcoming weeks soon.

To those who celebrate it, enjoy your Easter!

Bugs Fixed:
– Cast members 11 and 12 should now work correctly in all modes of Edit Cast
– In week 6, the Co-HoH winner can no longer be picked to play veto a second time.
– Alliances no longer form with evicted houseguests or the houseguest not voted in.
– Co-HoH and nominees italicized, episode 3 now shows both double veto winners.
– In the double eviction, the prior co-HoH can no longer compete for HoH.

Sunday Night Update: Saving has been added.


The Duel Simulator Released

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After several months, The Challenge: The Duel simulator has been completed. This is the first simulator where the challenges were designed with extra details and 100% logic, attempting to make it as close to the show as possible. It includes the 15 regular challenges, the 4 possible duels, and the final challenge. Please report any bugs you see or changes that you think could improve the season. All previous feedback was reviewed, and many adjustments were made.

Saving will be added in a few days, once there has been enough time to identify any additional concerns that need addressed.

I personally don’t think this much time should ever be spent designing a simulator again for a single season of a show, and I announced that development would stop for the rest of 2017 on the other seasons of The Challenge. Feel free to comment or take this survey if you have an opinion on that.

Friday Morning Update: Saving has been added, so this season is finalized.


Plans for March & Beyond

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As mentioned on Twitter, all of the challenges in The Duel simulator were completed last week. The simulator is currently undergoing final testing and will be sent to some volunteers for additional testing before it’s finalized and published. The final version is expected to be released this upcoming week. Because of the extensive time it took to complete this season, no additional seasons of The Challenge are expected in 2017. This will only change if a volunteer is found who is willing to thoroughly plan the seasons or if users agree that the rest of the seasons should be released without full challenges, which would reduce the programming time per season to about a week.

Now, the focus shifts to programming a simulator for Big Brother: Over The Top. This will be similar to the other Big Brother seasons and allow users to make the same audience decisions as they could in the show. The goal is to complete this simulator in about a week. A Big Brother Canada 5 simulator is planned for around the time the season finishes, and the March cast photo update will be posted after the BBCAN5 cast is officially revealed.

For future plans, the remaining Total Drama seasons are now in development and will be gradually completed over the upcoming months. Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour are both in the planning stage and will be released as soon as they are completed. This could be as early as this month but is not a guarantee. Updates on the status of these seasons will be regularly posted.

Survivor will have an Advanced Template similar to the Big Brother Future Template (which has been again renamed the Big Brother Advanced Template). This will replace the previously announced Merge Template and include greater customization. In addition, the new algorithm for Millennials vs. Gen X will continue to be improved and incorporated into the Advanced Template and eventually all existing seasons of Survivor. There will be a Survivor survey posted this upcoming week to see your opinions on the new changes in season 33 and what you want to see in the Advanced Template before it’s released.

There may be other surprises coming this month as well. Stay tuned.


Hunger Games: Customization Added

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As you may have noticed over recent months, new options have been added to the Hunger Games Simulator to provide further customization for simulations.

These include an additional Very High Death Rate option, an option to decrease the Cornocupia and Feast Default Event Rate, and an option to disable Arena Events.

There is also a link under Options to a Custom Text page where you can change the default text on the simulator if you’re interested in a non-violent simulation of the Hunger Games, if you want to remove the Hunger Games terms and phrases that were previously attached to all simulations, or if you can think of your own creative theme.

There will be numerous blog posts later today and this week with updates on The Duel, Prediction Game, and upcoming simulators. It would be appreciated if you could save those comments for those posts and keep these related to the Hunger Games changes. Thank you.


Survivor 33, Demo Version #3

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The demo of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X has been updated to version #3.

Notable Changes in Version #3:

– Group targets are now shown. This includes targets from alliances and factions.
– Majority alliances may split votes.
– Players may choose to go against an alliance if they disagree with the targets.
– Players may also logically flip to avoid a deadlock.
– An accidental deadlock caused by multiple players flipping on revotes occur.
– Many functional and display errors were fixed from demo version #2.
– Statistics are now available, including the number of idols found.
– Player Reasoning has been added.
– No Logic simulation has been added.

Overall, this update takes the voting system from Total Drama Island and significantly expands on it to provide a more realistic Survivor simulation experience that is easier to update and has more flexibility than the older Survivor seasons. Keep in mind that this is just version 3 of the new Survivor system, and it will continue to grow and become more complex with new scenarios added. This new algorithm will eventually be added to more Survivor seasons and templates.

Thousands of seasons were simulated in an effort to remove as many bugs as possible. Some may have been missed, so please report any that you see. Any feedback on the logic or season template would be appreciated. There are still a few improvements needed before Survivor 33 is finalized with saving.

The next content update will probably be the completion of The Duel simulator, which is being worked on. A little later this month, the agenda will be posted for what’s coming up in the months ahead. January was a very productive month for gathering user feedback and beginning to recruit new volunteers, and the backlog of tasks is being cleared to allow more focus on the future simulators. I will continue to work with volunteers to be as productive as possible.

There will be a few hours of downtime Wednesday after midnight EST (some would consider that late Tuesday night) on the server. More details will be posted about this soon.


Survivor 33 Demo Updated

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The demo of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X has been updated to version #2.

Notable Changes in Version #2:

– Vote By Vote Display: Redesigned to address plurality issue with the old system.
– Multiple revotes can occur if deadlock (same number of targets tied for consecutive votes) is not reached. This can lead to some very unusual scenarios.
– Idol Improvements: Immunity idols and legacy advantage should be played and blundered more realistically based on logic and statistics.
– Medevacs and quits have been implemented. Update: The probabilities for these have been reduced.

A few parts still need improved in version #3 including better voting (incorporating targets and alliances better, adding split votes, adding reasoning) and better final tribal council logic and display.

The Survivor tribal council system is always very complex. Since this is a new version of Survivor code, there are many issues that require testing and correcting. If you find any scenarios that trigger bugs, it would be appreciated if you could report them. Thank you.

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