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Bug Fixes, including Big Brother Template

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A few bugs were fixed with the Big Brother interactive template that have been reported for years. At the end of the season in interactive style, simulator users were unable to go back and see who voted for who if their houseguest reached the final two. This is now possible after viewing the Winner page during the finale. Similarly these can be viewed either after seeing your eviction if you’re not on the jury, or at the end of the season if you are on jury.

Another glitch was fixed where the simulator treated “change relationships each week” as an interactive simulation and limited display of alliances and votes. Finally, a more recent bug where custom events only worked in rare scenarios was fixed. Beyond these bug fixes, there’s still a plan to add the Big Brother Template to the .com server and add saving and voting charts in the future.

Thanks to the users who reported these bugs and helped provide details and instructions to replicate them over email, social media, and the Discord server.

Other bugs fixed:
– When clicking the BB20 logo in Seasons, the link followed to BB19.
– Random cast in Celebrity Big Brother contained duplicate houseguests 50% of the time when ‘all male’ or ‘all female’ options were selected.
– When the final person left with a gift bag won HoH in Celebrity Big Brother, the week did not progress correctly.
– Automatic black & white function on the .net Big Brother and .net Survivor simulators didn’t work in some browsers.
– Added Katrina Kozar from MasterChef season 6, who had been skipped before.
– Added two new houseguests from BBUK season 19.

Update: Another scenario was found where the votes and alliances were still not available at the end of the season. This has been corrected now.


Celebrity Big Brother US Simulator Released

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The Celebrity Big Brother US simulator has been released. Thanks to Brandon for planning the season and he and TheNman1 for helping to test it. Any feedback that you leave on the season or bug reports would be appreciated. If no major bugs are found, saving will be added this weekend.

Expect the first of two cast photo updates this weekend as well and more simulator updates before the end of the year. It’s being discussed what simulators are coming next, and that will be announced once plans are decided.

Also, feel free to join the new Discord channel.

Weekend Update: Thanks for all of your feedback. Saving has been added to finalize this season.


Coming Soon: Big Brother 19 Simulator

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The next content update will be the Big Brother 19 simulator.

Due to all the twists, this will take at least a few more days to finish. Details on its progress will be posted on social media, and a new blog post will be created for feedback when it’s released.

Twitter: brantsteele


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