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For the month of March, I am willing to manually recover and/or restore up to 50 saved seasons that meet one of the following three criteria:
1. The season was removed by the BrantSteele auto-deletion function.
2. The season uses BrantSteele images that no longer work due to a different URL caused by a server change.
3. The season uses images hosted off-site that no longer display. If this is the case, be specific, and upload your replacement images to a hosting service like imgur so that they last longer and they’re not stealing bandwidth from other sites.

All but 1 of the requested seasons for February were recovered, and follow-up questions were asked to help pinpoint that one.

Keep reading for more details.

Because storage is limited, an auto-deletion function runs that deletes any season that hasn’t been viewed after 1 month if “Kept Longer” is not selected. If “Kept Longer” is selected for that season, it will last 6 months from the latest view. A new storage structure was implemented for last week that may allow for better long-term storage options in the future, but it’s still being evaluated.

Even though saved seasons are auto-deleted, backups are still kept. If you remember the season code of your season and approximately when you first saved the simulation, it is usually possible to locate and recover the season even after it has been deleted.

If more than 50 seasons are requested, I’ll limit the number that can be recovered to 10 per person, and the other ones can be requested in an upcoming month. Since it takes time to get into the backups and recover a season, I’d like to recover them all at the same time for greater efficiency. This will probably be around April 1st. The more recent the saved season was deleted, the more likely it is to be recoverable.

Please send a message over the Contact Form with the subject Saved Season Recovery if you have a season or seasons in mind. You can also post here in the comments if you don’t mind publicly sharing your season code and information. You must indicate which simulator the saved season code is for.

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